Drive less. Film more.

Published: 11.6.2019

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Drive less. Film more.

Due to its natural, climate, and cultural diversity, Slovenia provides countless opportunities for filming locations, and the Republic of Slovenia provides a monetary refund of up to 25% to everyone who decide to film here.

Drive less. Film more.

A visit to the 72nd Cannes Festival is behind us. This is the largest European film festival, where the Slovenian Film Centre and the Slovenian Tourist Board introduced Slovenia as an attractive filming location, and they also held a meeting with Slovenian and foreign producers.

Because of its geographic location, boutique nature, exceptional natural and cultural diversity within four regions, Slovenia undoubtedly shows incredibly great potential for the arrival of film crews from around the world. Slovenia’s advantage is that unique and inspiring potential filming locations are very accessible; besides, it should be also be noted that it has very distinct four seasons.

The opportunity is that much more inviting considering that the Republic of Slovenia is offering an additional incentive to all those who would film in our country. This incentive comes in the form of a monetary reimbursement of up to 25%.

Find more information about Slovenia as a filming location on the website of the Slovenian Film Centre and in the Film in Slovenia publication.

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