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Slovenia tourism target group personas 2016

The research of the personas was approached based on the key motivations in tourism that form the typical segments of tourists. The three key motivations in tourism are: socialising, events (happenings), and peace (and their combinations). Particular motivations and benefits, interests and activities, and expectations and fears are typical for each segment group or its segments. They were taken into consideration in the description of the personas, and they were additionally presented in a detailed report.  

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 Survey of foreign tourists 2015 – CONVENTION TOURISM

A survey on foreign tourists carried out by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia in April, May, July, August, and September 2015 also includes convention tourists. Slovenia is mainly visited by convention tourists from Europe (81%), while 19% come from outside of Europe, mostly from North and Central America. When selecting a destination, convention tourists find security, accommodation quality, friendliness of locals, and the affordability of offerings the most important. More than a quarter of the surveyed convention tourists had never visited Slovenia before, while more than one third had been to Slovenia more than six times (mostly Croatian and Austrian convention tourists). 

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Survey of foreign tourists 2015

The results of the survey of foreign tourists carried out by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia in April, May, July, August, and September 2015 showed the following: Slovenia is mainly a holiday destination, followed by a business tourist destination at approx. 14%. 2/3 of the surveyed tourists had already visited Slovenia in the past, while just over 40% of tourists also included other countries in their travel in addition to Slovenia (mainly Croatia 62% and Italy 39%). Travelling with travel agencies was most appealing to British tourists (49%), and the average daily consumption by foreign tourists was €118 per day.

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Studies from abroad

Eurobarometer – The attitude of Europeans towards tourism in 2015

The European Commission also published a Eurobarometer Report for 2015 concerning the attitude of Europeans towards tourism. A brief summary in Slovenian is below.


UNWTO – Tourism Highlights 2016

A brief Slovenian summary of global tourism in 2015 can be found below. Please find the entire UNWTO Report here.


ETC – Long Haul Travel Barometer no. 6/2016

ETC has published the sixth edition of “Long-Haul Travel Barometer” for Europe. The report is based on infographics that mainly focus on the older (Baby Boomer) generation of travellers, being a highly valuable group. Primary reason for these generation’s travels are main tourist attractions (historic and cultural heritage of Europe). There is an emerging trend as this group increasingly seeks to visit less known tourist sights and attractions.

ETC's report.

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