Despite all the challenges, tourism in Slovenia is still writing inspiring stories. Destinations, chefs, farmers, artists, and others are searching for the most unique and innovative ways and solutions. We want to present as many as we can to support their effort.

Get to know the inspiring stories and their creators!

Together for more hearty and happy holidays

The year 2020 has brought a lot of changes and challenges, as well as ideas for integration and an even greater focus on sustainability and the future. At Miren-Kostanjevica Tourism, in cooperation with the Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica and the Nova Gorica Chamber of Crafts, and with the help of the media partners of Radio Koper and Radio Robi, they designed the Local and Heart!

The current situation has, among other things, severely affected local creators, small craftsmen and entrepreneurs in tourism, so they want to offer some optimism with the campaign and encourage people to choose holiday gifts with added value for the community. On the website, they've gathered a diverse range of local products and services, which they will constantly supplement. They want the website to become a permanent crossroads of supply and demand for local products and services in the future.

We need thoughtful action to make the world a better place. Let this month be guided by support for each other and thus for the local economy.

In December, their Green Tree initiative has been echoing for many years, where they are inviting the Slovenian Forest Service to buy or rent a live green tree for New Year's decoration. This year, they also connected their green mission with the Tree for Cerje campaign, where after the fire in Cerje in 2019, 11,000 trees have been planted on the land so far. The campaign was also named in the Top 100 Green Destinations for Best Green Practices. This time, for each Christmas tree purchased or rented as part of the Green Tree initiative, part of the funds will be donated for the purchase of a new black pine seedling in the Tree for Cerje project.

Published: 15 December 2020

Photo: Miren-Kostanjevica Tourism

Published: 8 December 2020

Photo: Nomago

Nomago's donation to rescue stations

At Nomago, a transport and travel provider, they decided on a charitable gesture of solidarity at a time when medical institutions and staff are playing a key role in fighting the epidemic. On behalf of all employees, new devices for disinfection of ambulances and premises were handed over to the General Hospital Celje, the University Medical Center Ljubljana and the Nova Gorica Health Center.

 This year we decided to give gifts to those who need help the most in these times.

Celje and Nova Gorica are the birthplaces of Nomaga and today the location of regional centers. Ljubljana is the current headquarters of the group, which, once the current situation calms down, will again be able to offer transport to 49 Slovenian cities and organize trips to 195 countries around the world.

Alpe Adria Trail Cup Challenge

This year's situation, which is particularly unique for the implementation of events, encourages organizers to create innovative approaches and ideas. The organizers of three major trail running events (Julian Alps Trail Run, Soča Outdoor Festival and Ultra Trail Vipava Valley) have teamed up to prepare a special Alpe Adria Trail Cup challenge.

The challenge, in which around 1,000 runners have already taken part, is taking place along the routes of three running events in the Vipava Valley, the Soča Valley and Kranjska Gora. To perform the challenge on one of the routes from 10 to 240km long, the runners select the distance they’d like to run and drain it with the help of a gpx file. They will receive a medal for completing their own personal challenge.

Running enthusiasts can physically prepare with us for the time when we will be able to run in nature together again.

Due to the cancellation of this year's Julian Alps Trail Run, they have also developed a special Julian Alps Trail Run Virtual app that allows runners to choose one of the virtual distances, run anywhere and anytime, then upload their runs to the app and virtually navigate the route. This way, runners are able to stay motivated for training and get to know the destination in a virtual way, despite the lack of running events.

For even more running motivation and even better visibility of destinations, they are also preparing a web application for all three events, where they will additionally present local providers. They also continue to take care of and upgrade the marking of cross-country trails, which are currently available to locals and visitors in the future. By the end of the year, they will also establish the first specialized trail running agency in Slovenia, which will be an interesting diversification of the tourist offer.

Published: 30th November 2020

Published: 10th November 2020

Photo: Mediaspeed, Anže Krže

Let’s get to know the forest through play

At a time when we have to take care of health in particular the City of Ljubljana, in cooperation with the Tivoli Landscape Park Service, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib (JP VOKA SNAGA), ), gathered ideas for spending quality time in nature with children in the book 'Simple Games Easy in the Forest'.

The booklet is intended for pedagogical workers who encourage children's play and spending time in nature, and parents can also find tips to diversify family walks.

The central characters of the booklet are the trees, and each chapter begins with its time of year. Here we find descriptions of natural phenomena, such as the coloring of canopies in autumn or the flowering of trees in spring. Each chapter also includes some games with which we can get to know the forest at different times of the year. Etiquette when visiting the forest is also presented, as is the care for dumping garbage in bins and consideration for animals.

Every day of the year is the right time to get to know the forest with children and develop your own imagination.

In the booklet, we also get to know Jesenko's forest learning trail, which introduces us to as many as 30 tree and shrub species. The forest educational trail is part of the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park, which covers 459 hectares in the middle of Ljubljana. The green area offers residents and visitors of Ljubljana numerous walking trails that lead through the landscaped city park Tivoli or along forest paths to Drenikov vrh, Šišenski hrib, Rožnik or Mostec. The western part of the park is surrounded by the Path of Memories and Comradeship - one of the most popular recreational areas in the city. The capital thus offers many opportunities for quality leisure time in nature and care for mental and physical health.

We treat the destination with respect and responsibility

Bohinj, a destination that has received numerous awards in the field of sustainable tourism, continues the green movement in this situation, which will be extremely important in the period after COVID.

At the end of August, Turizm Bohinj started a movement on the LinkedIn network under the slogan: Alpine paradise under Mt Triglav in Slovenia. Pioneering a new destination-first sustainable tourism model, which communicates that sustainable management is the key to our coexistence with nature. They present sustainable practices at home and around the world, raise awareness of the importance of sustainable operations in tourism and beyond, and promote the integration of all stakeholders.

Bohinj, and Slovenia in general, are among the world's leading promoters of responsible and green tourism. We want this to become every destination in the world.

In order to make tourists aware of the importance of sustainability, they set up a "living room" model, where visitors were invited to treat the destination as their living room. The model, which puts destination and care for the local population and local stories in the first place, is based on the assumption that tourism is like a living room, where the owner makes sure that the space is pleasant for both him and the guests. Tourist destinations should offer the same feeling. Respect for visitors to the destination and mutual trust between the local population and tourists will be crucial in tourism according to COVID, which will lead to a unique experience and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Published: 4th November 2020

Photo: Ciril Jazbec

Published: 28th October 2020

Photo: Jošt Gantar

Discover Radovljica with the Radolca challenge

At Radovljica Tourism, a special Radoljska challenge has been created which encourages people to explore Radovljica.

It is currently intended primarily for locals, and once municipal borders have reopened, other residents of Slovenia will also be invited to participate. With this campaign, Radovljica Tourism wants to convey a positive message during this time as well and build a positive relationship with the local population and the wider country.

The first part of the challenge encourages creativity in the kitchen and invites you to prepare meals with local ingredients, while the second part encourages exploration of well-known and lesser-known corners of the municipality of Radovljica. Thus, among other things, participants can go on a trip with a view, a walk in the woods, visit a museum or the city center.

As an additional challenge at Turizm Radovljica, they invite you to post photos on social networks with the hashtags #radolca and #radolcaizziv, as they are aware of the importance of posting Slovenian residents on social networks, thus spreading the word about the destination among friends, acquaintances and followers. 

The locals, who are proud of where they live, are our main ambassadors.

The 10-task challenge received a lot of interest on the Radovljica website and social networks when it was published, as the Radol challenge was downloaded by 382 users in just a few days.The campaign runs until the end of February, when many larger and smaller prizes will be drawn among all those who send the completed tasks to TIC Radovljica.

Chateau Ramšak - glamping in the middle of the vineyards, which connects

Glampsites are among the accommodations that have always emphasised a retreat from crowded cities to the heart of nature. And Slovenia is considered a destination that surprises in all regions with unique accommodations tailored to the boutique guest. Among them is also Chateau Ramšak, which in the vicinity of Maribor offers an idyllic vacation in the middle of vineyards.

Even during the epidemic, they did not stop and create new connecting stories, as they believe that connecting and cooperating is one of the key advantages of our country. On social networks Facebook and Instagram, Chateau Ramšak organises competitions and presents gift vouchers for glamping experiences in their resort. In the desire to encourage cooperation, various Slovenian artists are always invited to the competitions, who also work on the principle of sustainability and care for nature. They also cooperate with the portal, which offers original accommodation in contact with nature in all Slovenian regions and promotes local and sustainable tourism.

We are looking forward to welcoming even more Slovenian guests for a short or long vacation in a green oasis of peace. They are increasingly aware that a holiday in nature is something we will cherish in the future.

We want to bring our offer closer to guests who like boutique stories, where homeliness and hospitality are at the forefront.

Posted: 25 May 2020

Photo: Source: Chateau Ramšak

Posted: 21 May 2020

Photo: Vir: Slovenski Youth Hostli

Slovenian Youth Hostels to help the families of the heroes of the epidemic  

Slovenian Youth Hostels offer a discount to families in which at least one person worked at the time of the epidemic. They are aware that we can show gratitude to the medical staff, the police, the shop staff, the pharmacies, the cleaners, the communal workers… that is, all those who worked so that we could stay at home and be the first in Europe to cancel the epidemic.

Youth hostels in the network of the Travel Association of Slovenia - such as Hostel Pekarna Maribor, Pod Skalo Kamnik, Panorama above Portorož, Ljubno ob Savinji, MC Velenje, Tresor na Čopovi in ​​Ljubljana, Histria in Koper, MC Celje, Pod Voglom - Bohinj, Hostel Bus na Bled, MC Brežice, Alieti in Izola, Hostel Bovec and Ociski raj pri Kozina - have been dedicating themselves for years to families who want to get to know Slovenia even with a more modest budget. This time, families are offered a 25% discount on accommodation if at least one family member worked during the epidemic. The discount is valid for inquiries sent to the e-mail addresses of individual hostels in May and for stays up to and including 15 July 2020.

In the network of Slovenian Youth Hostels, we have many that have been dedicated to young families who want to get to know Slovenia for many years.

Hostels, which are part of the Hostelling International, network of youth hostels, were also among the first to come to the rescue at the start of the epidemic and provide accommodation for medical staff and people in need of quarantine. In the changed situation, they are well acquainted with the measures to prevent the epidemic and are now ready for the safe reception of the first guests.

Creative project of the Idrija Tourist Board - Stay at home and bobbin lace

The Idrija Tourist Board has connected with the Idrija Lace School as part of the #StayHomemakelace project, where they invite you to create and express yourself through the heritage of Idrija - bobbin lace.

At a time when attention has been drawn to the concern of staying home and taking care of health, it is also necessary to think about social cohesion. They want to take a step forward in the institution, in the direction of connection, communication and culture.

We want to show that, despite everything, we can take a step forward, in the direction of integration, communication and culture.

Therefore, they have invited everyone who laces, draws patterns for bobbin lace or is in any other way connected with bobbin lace - graphic designers, painters and other artists to create a product on the theme of "K(o)rona lace" and thus express their feelings over time.

The received photos are regularly published in the gallery on the social network Facebook and on the profile of the Idrija Lace Festival. At the 39th virtual Idrija Lace Festival, which will take place from 19 to 21 June, a virtual exhibition will be prepared from the submitted photos.

They also expanded the campaign across borders and linked up with Spanish lacemakers, who are running a similar campaign called "Chain Lace", following the example of Irma Pervanje.

The Idrija Tourist Board does not lack ideas on how to stay connected with followers even in these times. A culinary campaign has also been carried out via the # ŽlikfrofiHome project, where people were invited to prepare Idrija žlikrofi with Slovenian ingredients.

Posted: 18 May 2020

Photo: Jošt Gantar, Source: Idrija Tourist Board


 Posted: 14 May 2020

Photo: Miha Bratina, Source: Zavod za turizem Miren-Kostanjevica

A month of Asparagus in the home kitchen

Although it seems as if the world has stopped for a moment, nature is in full bloom. And in the month of May we pay special attention to Asparagus. For this purpose, the Miren-Kostanjevica Tourist Board has implemented a project of inter-destination cooperation, which places this indispensable component of Primorska, Mediterranean and Karst cuisine more on the list of selected tastes of Slovenia.

They have published a collection of asparagus recipes, which combines the advice of 11 chefs from three coastal gastronomic regions in 33 original recipes. The cooking guide also offers readers an instructive walk through the history of growing and using asparagus, which, in addition to being nutritious, also has exceptional healing effects. 

We invite readers to taste an indispensable part of the culinary culture of Primorska, Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia and abroad.

An original video of the project was provided with an interesting content, where the mayor of the Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica, Mauricij Humar, with the help of the great chef of Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Tomaž Kavčič, tests the 4x2 recipe.

With the project, Month of Asparagus has moved into home cooking, but not for long. With the release of current measures and the opening of the terraces of catering establishments, we can taste the delicacies again from the hands of the chefs of the Vipava Valley and the Karst.

Collecting memories with the Ljubljana Tourism campaign - #LjubljanaMemories

With the #LjubljanaMemories campaign, the Ljubljana Tourism Institute encouraged followers to share their favorite memories of Ljubljana. They were aware that even though we were at home, we were still dreaming about travel options. Therefore, they were looking for an appropriate approach to continue communication on social networks during the epidemic. Throughout the campaign, they addressed followers on social networks in a positive and reassuring tone and encouraged user interaction and participation. "A Slovenian proverb says that you get to know a friend best in an accident. That's why we established a way of communication with the campaign, which let people know that we are here for them and that we want to include them in the conversation.

”The campaign came to life more than anything else by encouraging the exchange of positive experiences. At the same time, they gathered authentic responses that best reflect the diversity of the destination’s experiences. The #LjubljanaMemories campaign was implemented on the social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. From the multitude of posts or memories they received, they chose the most inspiring and interesting, publishing them on a special subpage.

With the campaign, we collected authentic recommendations from guests, which best reflect the richness of experiences in Ljubljana.

But all this was only the first phase. In the future, they plan to use the acquired memories within the broader promotional campaign of Ljubljana, as a unique city destination that enables a green and active vacation. The time of sharing memories passes into the time to create new ones.

 Posted: 11 May 2020

Photo: Andrej Tarfila, Source: Tourism Ljubljana

 Posted: 7 May 2020

Photo 1: Source: Tri lučke; Photo2: Tomo Jeseničnik, Source: CPT Krško

Co-operation of the Tri Lučke Estate and Žaren Wine Cellar with a hint of charity

The situation brought about by the epidemic has created in the catering and hospitality industry a number of inspiring co-operations. One such is the co-operation between the Tri Lučke Estate and the Žaren Wine Cellar, which also includes a charitable element.

The Tri Lučke Estate near Krško has now established a web-based communication with their guests. They turned to Facebook to share recipes and interesting titbits of cooking advice. They also decided to work together with the Žaren Wine Cellar, known for its brand wine collection Albiana. Miha Ritonja, the enologist that takes care of their wine, remains optimistic despite the current situation and reveals that they are contemplating a number of projects, such as a web tasting of their wines.

This crisis is bound to bring many changes for Slovenian gastronomy. This is all the more reason for us to start connecting and co-operating.

Tri Lučke and Albiana have prepared, under the brand “Tastes of Posavje”, a culinary package, proposing home-made specialties, a wine-tasting, a visit to vineyards and an overnight stay. The package is already available in the form of a gift voucher that can be used after the coronavirus lockdown measures are lifted.

There is also an element of philanthropy in their co-operation. A part of the benefits from the sale of gift vouchers will be donated to the Family Picnic Basket initiative to alleviate the distress of socially disadvantaged families with children who, due to closed schools, are no more receiving subsidised meals. These baskets, full of goodies from local farms, will be distributed to families in need in the region of Posavje.

Both the benefactors, Tri Lučke and Albiana, market their produce under the brand name Tastes of Posavje, which brings together inns, restaurants and farms offering the very best from the region – exquisite cuisine, fine wine, beer and home-grown produce. And of course they will be delighted to have you experience and taste it all in person as soon as possible!

Thermana Laško: Advice for health and wellbeing when staying at home

In these challenging times, we all need to take care of our health by staying at home. But in doing so, we may also do things that are good for our wellbeing. So Thermana Laško decided to share some recommendations for healthy staying at home.

Back in February they launched the “40 days of detox” initiative, a campaign with tips on how to detox, shed excess weight and fight springtime lethargy. They adapted the campaign communication strategy to the current situation. They share their tips, advice and guidelines on how to care for one’s wellbeing and boost the immune system on Facebook and Instagram.

We adapted our communication to the instruction to stay at home, but added the advice to stay at home and do something that’s good for your wellbeing.

Thermana Laško prepared advice on home body care treatments, tips on healthy eating and some breathing exercises to relieve stress. The life rhythm is now changed, so friends of the spa are encouraged to plan periods of recreation which have a beneficial effect on their energy level, productivity and resilience. To this end, they prepared exercises that can be done at home.

Thermana Laško encourages their friends to look after both their physical and their mental health. So when the coronavirus lockdown measures are relaxed, they will be to return to normal life in good health and full of energy.

  Posted: 4 May 2020

 Posted: 30 April 2020

Top Slovenian chefs affiliated with the Chefs Care charity project

Chefs have joined forces under the auspices of the Chefs Care initiative, which they describe as a project with many chefs and support for people. They prepare free lunches and lunches for those who are most exposed during these times and care for healthcare professionals, police officers, firefighters, civil protection, senior citizens and teachers. 

The initiator of the project is Chef Iztok Gumzej from Zasavje, who at the end of March prepared the first free snacks for the Hrastnik Health Center (later for the Ljubljana Oncology Institute, Civil Protection and the Red Cross in Hrastnik). He handed the relay to his chef, Branko Podmenik, who also prepared lunches for staff at the health center. Chefa Miran Ojsteršek (Oštirka Inn) and Marko Pavčnik (Pavus Restaurants), as the next, took care of Laško ZD employees, police officers, the Red Cross and Celje Hospital. The charity move triggered an avalanche of heartbreaking acts and the initiative spread throughout Slovenia.

Another proof of how connected we can be, though each is at its end.

As part of the project, free meals, among others, were prepared by: Igor Jagodic (Sagittarius Restaurant) for ZD Kranj; Janez Bratovž (JB Restaurant) for the Kamnik Police Station; Uroš Štefelin (Vila Podvin) for the Radovljica Police Station; Metka Repovž (Restaurant Repovž) for the Sevnica ZD and for the employees of the Sevnica pharmacy; Bine Volčič (Monster Bistro) for the Kranj Fire Brigade; Luka Jezeršek (Dvor Jezeršek) for Snaga workers, Tanja Pintarič (Rajh Inn) for employees of Murska Sobota Pharmacy; The action will also be joined by Ana Roš (House Franko), which will provide staff at the Tolmin High School.

To date, more than 100 Slovenian chefs and restaurants have joined the campaign, preparing 4,000 free meals for those who need it most during these times. The campaign is not over, however, and every day new chefs join the project. When the time is right, they will invite all those who wish the culinary indulgence of top chefs and tastes into their restaurants after weeks of home cooking.

Luka Dončić, ambassador of Slovenian tourism, assists Slovenian health care

Today's most recognisable Slovenian basketball player, Luka Dončić, who represents Slovenia as an ambassador of Slovenian tourism, is now representing us off the field.

After donating half a million dollars to Texas hospitals with teammate Dwight Powell, along with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, he has also decided to help health care workers in Slovenia.

We have repeatedly proved that we Slovenes knew we needed to come together when needed.

Through his Foundation 'Make your dreams come true', which helps children from the socially disadvantaged families in sports, he has donated funds to Slovenian doctors, nurses and other personnel. At the same time, he urged: "Also, invigorate all your friends, athletes, entrepreneurs, freelancers, all that you can in these difficult current times: help Slovenian hospitals."

Luka has already provided assistance in protecting the mask he wore during the time the healthcare professionals needed them.

Luka's charity has further proved that we are proud that sport, as abroad, represents Slovenia as a sustainable tourist destination for a boutique, five-star user-friendly experience. 

  Posted: 27 April 2020

Posted: 23 April 2020

Fresh coastal delicacies of the Butul homestead

The Butul homestead, which has been operating in the heart of Slovenian Istria for two decades, is known for its herb garden and cookery workshops, but also offers accommodation. Their selected wines, olive oil, fresh herbs fragrances and locally produced food represent a quality supply of Istrian food, which during the new coronavirus was left without a significant number of customers.

The Butul family has decided to find new avenues for existing and new clients. On the social network Facebook they connected with everyone who wants their goodies - beginning by sharing their story in interesting posts and regularly publishing fresh and local offers and information on delivery options to Ljubljana and beyond Slovenia. 

All we had to do was organise and we were among the first to do that. Maybe also because we are boutique, because we associate what is good and quality.

They added that "the current situation cannot stop flows and connections to customers and friends." They also send twice-monthly packages to their customers in Berlin, where the Slovenian delicacies were especially popular during the Easter holidays. In just over three days, more than 1500 followers joined them through their Facebook page, and today there are more than 2600 followers.

The dedication and diligence of the HomesteadButuliz Manzhan is inspirational. With their initiative, they brought a touch of genuine coastal flavors to other places in Slovenia. You can also follow the offers of Slovenian (tourist) farms and visit them when the time is right.


Free online "escape in your room" game to make it easier to stay home Ljubljana

At a time when we need to limit how often we leave the house, Enigmarium decided to forget their audience and the guests they usually visit in popular escape rooms in the way they know best. They conceived the innovative, authorial concept of an online escape room game and created it in just one week.

The game is designed to receive one chapter of a tense game every day - Monday through Sunday - for logged in users. Each subsequent chapter unlocks with the code it decrypts in the previous chapter. In addition to being great fun, participants who break through to the right solution also have a small gift at the end of the game. 

The game hosts thousands of players every week in Slovenia and Croatia, where the Enigmarium has its exposition.

Players send thank-you messages as the game eases their time in isolation.

They also noticed that more than 91% of their recipients open their mailings and that players share the game with each other - each mail is forwarded five to seven times, which, according to the team, confirms that using the gameplay is a great way to strengthen relationships with our players. As Potocnik adds, their advantage lies in the fact that "we are constantly developing completely fresh and original concepts - it is no longer an escape from the room, but a brief escape from the real world (and isolation).” 

 Posted: 20 April 2020

 Posted: 16 April 2020

Maribor Hostel Pekarna available to health care professionals at Maribor Medical Center

At the initiative of the Municipality of Maribor, during the epidemic, there was a collaboration between the Youth Cultural Center Maribor, the Pekarna Hostel and the University Clinical Center Maribor.

From mid-March, the Pekarna Hostel is fully accessible to healthcare professionals employed at the Maribor Medical Center, who use the hostel's facilities for the time they absolutely need to rest and function smoothly in their admirable mission.

Marja Guček, director of MKC Maribor, told the co-operation that they had very quickly agreed how they would implement the co-operation operationally. "However, if I think about what kind of work is being done now by the staff of the Maribor Medical Center and the health care workers in other institutions, it is the least we can do.”

As part of the cooperation, additional measures were taken to protect both persons still working in the administrative building where the Pekarna Hostel is located and employees from the Maribor University Hospital. UCC Maribor itself cleans and disinfects the premises, as well as cleaning the linen and towels.

We are extremely proud to be able to help and at the same time express our high praise to all who contribute in any way to the improvement of the situation.

Andrej Gulič, who runs the Pekarna hostel, says: “The times when medical staff also need help beyond their established rhythm are an indicator of the seriousness and breadth of the problem that affects all citizens. At Pekarna Hostel, we are extremely proud ... express our high praise to all who contribute in any way to the improvement of the situation - above all, of course, those who work in the "first battle lines", who are undoubtedly doctors and indispensable and often overlooked staff working at health institutions."

The Youth Cultural Center Maribor contributes its small piece of the puzzle to a more solid society with the Pekarna Hostel, which was chosen by the Tourist Association of Slovenia in 2017 as one of the most beautiful and hospitable hostels in Slovenia.

Vipava tavern Podfarovž prepares free lunches for the socially disadvantaged

Since the middle of March in the Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia, the heartfelt story of the Vipava tavern Podfarovž echoes. Despite the immediate closure of the restaurant, Chefs Denis Ibrišimović and Julijana Krapež did not delay and set about preparing free meals for the socially disadvantaged, who were in need due to the precarious situation. The news of the noble initiative spread quickly on both social networks and the media.

Those in need of a hot meal can order it over the phone, and then pick it up free of charge at the restaurant's premises in the packaging they bring with them. For those who do not have these options, the team also delivers a warm lunch home. On the first day, they received 40 orders, and their idea was quickly taken over by some other providers in the area.

However, the popular and appreciated Vipava restaurant, with its extraordinary natural scenery, springs from the Vipava River, awarded with two Gault & Millau hats, certainly does not run out. In the run-up to Easter, both Easter baskets and vouchers have been prepared for purchase and can now be purchased by their guests and redeemed when the restaurant reopens.

In the words of Chef Denis Ibrišimović:

Now is a good time to step in and help.

  Posted: 15 April 2020

Posted: 13 April 2020

Traditional exhibition of feasts of the four countries in the virtual version

For the fifth year in the dome of the Vinarium Lendava lookout tower, the Easter Eggs of Four Lands exhibition has been erected. It features 15 exhibitors from four countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. But because the tower, one of the iconic landmarks of Lendava and the Promurje’s leading attraction, is currently closed to visitors due to measures taken during the coronavirus epidemic, the makers of the exhibition decided to put it on display in video format as well.

Although our guests can't see the exhibitions live this year, we wanted to bring the beautiful artwork to their homes.

Every year, this art exhibition attracts a great deal of interest from cultural heritage enthusiasts and enriches the spring days, so it would be a shame not to see this year's exhibit. At a time when we encourage and respect #stayhome, it is even more valuable to stay in touch with culture and the arts.

The cabinets showcase feasts colored in various techniques, the most common being batik techniques, where a special stylus is applied to molten wax on an egg, and a scratching technique in which different motives are scratched on a painted egg with a sharp knife or homemade starch. These are traditionally Easter, as well as Hittite and tulip motifs, as they used to depict spring flowers on eggs. Video highlights of the exhibition are available on the Vinarium Tower website, as well as the Lendava tourist site and on social networks.

A charity basket of Easter goodies from Karst providers

In order to enable the vulnerable groups in the Karst region to enjoy the Easter holidays as well as possible, local farms and restaurants, together with the Sežana Tourist Information Center, the Komenski Karst Public Institute, the Komen Municipality and the Sežana Municipality, have joined a charity initiative, to offer a basket of Easter goodies from the Karst providers.

The residents of the Karst Regional Safe House and the elderly in need of home care will be presented with locally grown delicacies and Easter dishes. The baskets will also enrich the unique Easter greetings prepared by students from Komen Primary School and Dutovlje Primary School.

Despite the many negative consequences that can be felt in all areas, the current situation has offered us the opportunity to re-discover the importance of cooperation, local self-care, mutual assistance as a local community, and to connect with this purpose even more." 

The Karst caterers will fill the baskets with potica, buttermilk, horseradish spread and peanut-dyed pies, and farmers and other local producers will add dry meats, Karst honey, jams, teran juice, herbal tea and other local delicacies. Part of the produce will be donated by the caterers and farmers themselves, and part will be purchased by the Municipality of Komen and TIC Sežana - Institute for Sport, Tourism and Leisure of Sežana.

In the Easter time, Karst caterers also prepared offers of holiday dishes that they deliver to their homes. More information about their holiday offer is available on the social network Facebook on the Experienced Karst Experience page.

  Posted: 9 April 2020

Posted: 6 April 2020

Award-winning Hisa Franko offering new home delivery products

During the final preparations for the new season and just prior to the spring opening of one of Slovenia’s best restaurants, Hisa Franko in Kobarid, Chef Ana Roš and her team found themselves in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. 

Despite the initial shock, they quickly found a way to maintain culinary creativity and stay in touch with gastronomic enthusiasts across Slovenia. The Hisa Franko team has partnered with suppliers throughout the Soča Valley to offer a special line of Špajza Hiša Franko home-made products that can be ordered and enjoyed at home. They are also partnering with popular Slovenian food vendor,, who are providing many homes with fresh vegetables, fruits and other, especially Slovenian products.

Maybe sometimes you need a huge crisis to start realising your dream. Sometimes the worst moments bring a new light and a new idea that would never be realised without that particularly bad moment.

Ana, who was voted Best Female Chef in the World 2017, said "I have long since dreamed about a product line based on the exceptional ingredients of the Soča Valley, harvested in nature or grown in the garden.” Products now available to order include baked leeks produced by Hisa Franko’s Natasa Djuric, spicy walnuts and almonds, Matayur hives and fermented cottage cheese, biscuits, "whey dulce de leche" and other delicacies. People can also order copies of Ana’s new book Sun and Rain


Chef UrošŠ drive home & Okusi Radolce on-line

The first initiative we want to share is the project Chef UrošŠ DRIVE HOME by chef Uroš Štefelin and Marcela Klofutar from the restaurant Vila Podvin. In collaboration with local suppliers, chef Štefelin prepares meals from a pre-published menu every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the restaurant’s kitchens and then delivers them to customers’ homes in the (for now) Radovljica area. 

It really is the best feeling to see the happiness of our dear guests when we deliver them freshly cooked meals. If you cannot visit us, we will visit you, each in our own way.

Chef Štefelin also joined forces with other like-minded caterers and they encourage one another in these very trying circumstances. Together with other restaurants of the Taste Radol’ca brand, they are introducing a common name, Taste Radol’ca online, under which each restaurant will offer something of interest. "If you cannot visit us, we will visit you, each in our own way," says Marcela Klofutar.


Posted: 2 April 2020

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