Five-star experiences for life-long memories

 Slovenia Unique Experiences is the icing on the cake. They make visits to this place located between the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plains even more lavish. Create unforgettable memories with personal local hosts who have developed boutique, original and green experiential tours. There is exactly a dozen of them, one for each month of the year. The Slovenia Unique Experiences label ensures experiences with a green soul, sustainable philosophy and authenticity you cannot experience elsewhere. The recipients of the label say that their products and services are local, innovative and of premium quality. Five-star experiences distinguished by the kaleidoscope of Slovenian nature and culture will be very personal, experienced in your own way, for couples or intimately for very small groups. You will be able to identify with local stories and they will remain a part of you forever.

City experiences from Ljubljana to Maribor

The capital Ljubljana is like a live picture book of architecture and nature in a town. Ljubljana Castle towers over the centre which was given its timeless beauty by one of the greatest European modern architects, Jože Plečnik. Its story may be experienced in the company of a personal guide and actors, socialising with historical figures, from a Roman soldier to a Habsburg monarch, Napoleon and convicts. The accompanying food and wine enhance the historical walk, as the courtyard, cellar and the wall bear the fragrant aromas of top wines and delicacies from two excellent restaurants and one of the best Slovenian chefs, Igor Jagodic. 

When you step from the castle pedestal back on solid ground, you can take a bike ride around the centre, which is closed to motor vehicles. You may embrace a century of Ljubljana lifestyle on the fun Moustache Tour with the atmosphere of a genuine retro barber’s shop, learning about the Slovenian character. It’s all revealed through the stories of three Slovenian moustached giants – a disciplined architect, an ambitious painter and a bohemian writer. The cycling adventure along the most beautiful streets and through the parks of the capital unlocks the door to local mysteries and bold, moustached creativity. 


The second largest town in the country, the Štajerska capital of culture and cuisine, is located in eastern Slovenia. The people of Maribor are most proud of the Old Vine, a tenacious vine over 400 years old, and its boutique vineyard in the centre of the town. The Old Vine has been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest grapevine in the world and it is still producing grapes of the Žametovka variety. Wine pressed from these grapes is one of the most special beverages in the world. You may climb up a traditional ladder to the carefully protected vine, and taste wines from local boutique winemakers in the wine cellar. 


Comfort in nature and the kingdom of the Julian Alps

Take a perfect green break away from the hustle and bustle. Relax among the treetops of the Garden Village Bled eco resort, in a wooden tree house or a glamorous tent with a wooden bath. Recharge your batteries on a small beach by a stream full of life. You can pick fruits, vegetables and herbs from the cottage garden and trees at the doorstep of your house. At the restaurant, you will have the grass trimmed on your table before the chef serves local delicacies. 

Magical Lake Bled with an island and a wishing bell is only a short distance away, and its beauty will follow you long after you toast alpine experiences by an open fireplace with a glass of wine in your hand. A paradise for water sports and outdoor activities is on the other side of the kingdom of the Julian Alps. A bright emerald river meanders through the Soča Valley. Mountains where the fiercest high mountain battles of all time took place during World War I rise above it. As you listen to the Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front, you will learn about the positions, trenches and caverns on the original locations where World War I battles took place. Today, everything is overgrown with the beauty of nature. Cowbells can be heard in the distance everywhere, and cows graze and nibble on vegetation that tastes of the Mediterranean and salt in the middle of the Alps. Cheeses taste just the same, so you should experience cuisine from the Soča Valley through the “From Water to Bread and Milk” experience. Explore clear waters and their taste. Drink from the spring and marvel at the valley of a hundred waterfalls. Treat yourself to a dinner by a renowned chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant under the stars on the terrace of a boutique hotel Dobra Vila in Bovec. In the morning, milk a cow, bake sourdough bread, and taste cheeses from high mountain pastures. 

A break with the scent of the forest and the sea

Experience a multi-day break in the wild. Get away from the hustle and bustle of towns and enjoy observing nature. You can experience a farm stay during natural science holidays in Slovenia, where you will be treated to tasty locally produced food. You will visit the most wonderful corners of southern Slovenia and watch the brown bear in its natural habitat. Meadows, where butterflies and colourful flowers blow in the wind, will give you the time and space for a mindfulness experience. Let the scent of the Mediterranean tempt you to take the nostalgic Vintage Gourmet Tour among Istrian olive groves. The Lisjak Family, the largest producer of premium olive oil in Slovenia, will take you for a ride in vintage cars among old indigenous olive varieties that grow on the vantage points of the Slovenian coast and Istrian rural areas. You will taste first-class olive oils in a fun way and spoil your taste buds with typical cold cuts, a traditional stew and homemade fuži pasta with truffles. You are in for an unforgettable day at the Fonda Fish Farm, where they breed the best Slovenian sea bass in a fish boutique in the middle of the sea. The story of a family of biologists who decided to breed the best fish in the world will fascinate you. The experience takes place in the Gulf of Piran, the southernmost point of the Slovenian sea, famous for its clean deep water. Learn about the way Fonda’s sea bass is bred and have some sea bites with flower of salt and a drop of Istrian olive oil. With a glass of Malvasia, you will realise that life is simply beautiful.

Mysterious underground world of mines and caves

Slovenia has a rich underground world that may be explored in unusual ways. You will not forget the experiences of Mt Peca and underground adventures by bikes or kayaks through the passages of the former Mežica na Koroškem mine in the extreme north-east of Slovenia. 

The underground journey begins with a genuine cave train which will take you to lakes almost 700 metres below the surface. You will take a ride on calm and clean water where you will explore underground labyrinths. There is also a passage through the mountain, and you can travel to the mine by mountain bikes and cycle along unique underground paths. Another mine adventure awaits in the youngest Slovenian town. Velenje Underground is an underground adventure for gourmets. You will descend to the Coal Mining Museum with the oldest lift in Slovenia and experience a miners’ get-together along with top dishes from Vila Herberstein in Slovenia's deepest-lying dining room. Gastronomic pleasures and musical entertainment create an exciting event. If you want to feel like Indiana Jones during underground exploration, follow in the footsteps of the first explorers of the Slovenian Karst in the Postojna Cave Park. Luka Čeč, who discovered the kingdom of stalactites and stalagmites, found heaven upside down. Experienced speleologists and biologists will accompany you along pioneering underground paths and help you explore the most beautiful parts of Pivka Cave and Black Cave. By solving fun tasks, you will experience more demanding passages, test your strength by descending by rope, cross lakes and the Pivka River, and meet a dragon baby – the human fish in its natural habitat.


Slovenia Unique Experiences are designed to bring a sparkle to your eye and a warm glow to your heart.

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