Participate in an Instagram photo competition for the best photo of the Eastern part of Slovenia 

The Slovenian Tourist Board hereby publishes an Instagram photo competition to increase the number of posts and shares of the best photography themes of the area of Thermal Pannonian Slovenia and Maribor. We also wish to obtain 50 attractive photos particularly from ten leading destinations in this region (Pomurje, Podčetrtek, PtujRogaška Slatina, Laško, Dobrna, Celje, Velenje, Dolenjska, Čatež and Posavje), and in the town of Maribor and its surroundings, which will be purchased by the STB at a single price after the selection by the competition committee.

We wish to obtain attractive and interesting photos to boost the curiosity and desire of users for them to begin thinking about Thermal Pannonian Slovenia and Maribor as a suitable tourist destination for their visit.

The most desired themes:

  • attractive break in nature, which includes engaging and revelling in the freedom of movement, forests, by and in water, on foot, by bike, in valleys or in the mountains, but always in touch with nature and while exploring its features;
  • experiences in urban centres and experiences of culture, which include festivals, events, museums, architecture, historic town centres etc.;
  • break in natural health resorts and spas, which includes numerous options provided by Slovenian health resorts from water activities to wellness and selfness;
  • gastronomic specialities, which include themes of traditional Slovenian dishes and other modern culinary approaches, and a display of settings related to gastronomic experiences.

How to participate in the competition?

Post a photo of the area of Thermal Pannonian Slovenia or Maribor on your Instagram profile, using the hashtags #ifeelsLOVEnia and #natecajSTO. If the post does not contain one of the mandatory hashtags, the post will not be part of the final selection for purchase and a special prize.

 Other terms and conditions for participation in the competition:

  • the photo is the user's copyrighted work;
  • the photo was taken in 2018;
  • the photo was taken in portrait or square format;
  • the photo shows a wide shot of nature or the urban environment in the area of Thermal Pannonian Slovenia and Maribor;
  • the photo must be authentic, and must reflect a natural and actual situation;
  • the photo must not include graphics, illustrations or other element in superscript;
  • in the photo, the colour scheme of a natural colour palette is used, without any special filters to achieve excessive saturation of photos, which would make shots unnatural and unrealistic.

 It is desired that the post includes the location of the shot.

The STB will agree with the authors of the selected photos to purchase the photos for further use in the promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination.

Participate and win a weekend package at the Terme 3000 Spa

Following the competition, the authors of the best selected 50 photos will participate in a draw for a special prize. The prize is a weekend package for two persons in the Ajda Prekmurje Village provided by Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice.

The competition will be open from 27 September to 30 October 2018. The competition committee will select photos no later than 8 November 2018, and the authors of the selected photos will be informed no later than the end of November.

Rules and terms and conditions for participation in the competition

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