We follow trends and create innovative digital and content campaigns featuring exceptional photographs, videos and creative messages that tell a story of Slovenia, which attracts visitors with its amazing natural features, thermal spas, tradition, and lively city and town centres. The campaigns that have been carried out in 2019 are presented below, with one of them continuing in 2020. 


MY WAY Global digital campaign

The global digital campaign of the Slovenian Tourist Board, which in the past few years has successfully addressed foreign visitors with the slogan of MAKE NEW MEMORIES, introduced a new creative concept called MY WAY in 2019. The 2019 global digital campaign was carried out in 16 countries. We were present on key markets in Europe, namely in Germany, Italy, Austria, the UK, Ireland, France, Russia, the Benelux countries, Switzerland, and Scandinavian countries (Finland, Denmark, Sweden). Digital communications were established with overseas markets in the United States and Canada.

The global digital campaign ran in six advertising waves from 4 March 2019 to 15 November 2019 with a hiatus during the high season from the beginning of June to the end of August. The aim was to increase the number of tourist visits before and after the high season, reach potential guests at a time when they were deciding where to spend their holidays, and pursue the goal of balanced tourist flows throughout a year.



Only in Slovenia campaign at BBC.com

As part of the digital campaign, the series Only in Slovenia was created on the basis of cooperation between the Slovenian Tourist Board and the broadcasting house BBC Global News. The campaign was created by the BBC's content marketing team called BBC StoryWorks. The BBC team visited Slovenia in April this year and made videos for four 30-second advertisements that ran on television and were highlighted on a special landing page at BBC.com.

In the campaign, over 19 million online advertisements were shown on the US, Canadian and European markets, of which nearly 14.2 million led to a special landing page of the BBC and others to the portal slovenia.info, more precisely to the sub-pages of all four macro-destinations: Alpine Slovenia, Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia, Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, and Ljubljana and Central Slovenia.


A campaign focused on the Austrian, German and Swiss markets

In the second half of the year, the Slovenian Tourist Board continued targeting visitors from the highest income brackets, i.e. the High-Value Traveller segment. The aim of the campaign focused on the Austrian, German and Swiss markets (DACH markets) was to reach the segment of tourists who also travel outside the high summer season. Those are tourists who do not book their holidays on the basis of the lowest price criterion, but want to spend their holidays in line with their expectations and are prepared to pay more for that.

Lufthansa Exclusive (click on the photo to read the magazine in .pdf format)


With the campaign focused on the Austrian, German and Swiss markets, we wanted to address that segment of tourists who also travel outside the summer high season. At the same time, those tourists do not book their holidays based on the lowest-price criterion but want to spend them in line with their expectations and are prepared to pay extra for that.


Branded content partnership with National Geographic

The multi-channel digital campaign "Air, Water, Earth, Fire"

From 14 January to 21 April 2019, the Slovenian Tourist Board created a branded content partnership with National Geographic, one of the leading and most recognised media companies in the world. The campaign has had excellent results: more than 8.5m displayed ads on portals, close to 15 million ads displayed on National Geographic social media channels, and more than 222,000 unique users viewed the articles. 

A National Geographic photographer based in Slovenia created rich video and photographic content, which used a story of the four natural elements, i.e. air, water, earth, and fire, in the campaign to present Slovenia as a unique destination worth visiting in all four seasons. The videos and photographs of green as well as snow-covered Slovenia appeared on the webpages and social media profiles of this globally influential medium. The video stories of Slovenia were complemented with experiences as seen through the eyes of Ciril Jazbec, a multi-award winning, globally renowned photographer, who has been working with National Geographic since 2014.


Foto: Juan Trujillo Andrades / National Geographic

Waters of wellbeing: The campaign for the promotion of Slovenia as a land of healthy waters

In line with the guidelines from the Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism, the Slovenian Tourist Board aims to raise awareness of Slovenia as a green and sustainable destination where visitors experience exceptional natural beauty, including clean and healing waters. On 1 October 2019, a four-month campaign was launched on the National Geographic channel to promote Slovenia as a land of healthy waters.  The campaign has run until the end of February 2020 with a break in December. It covered digital advertising and National Geographic TV channels.

The results were great. The multimedia campaign reached 20 million people over the channels. 

Key campaign results:

  • 40 milion views of National Geographic social media posts,
    various digital ads reached over 19 million people,
  • 335 thousand unique users visited the landing pages of the campaign on National Geographic websites, with over 700 thousand views all together
  • 12 million views of passaic and pre-roll ads,
  • 1-minute video ad was played 664 times on National Geographic TV channel els, reaching 1.5 million viewers.



Two million reasons why we feel Slovenia

A country has no better ambassadors than its own people. The national campaign launched by the Slovenian Tourist Board in June 2018 called for visitors to share their feelings about Slovenia’s unique landscapes, experiences and traditions on social media, along with beautiful images and videos using the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia. The campaign aimed to collect recommendations showcasing lesser known destinations and products. The campaign was carried out in six phases, which ran for a total of 59 weeks. Every phase was presented on our landing page. Two phases – the summer and autumn parts of the campaign – were carried out in 2018, and four phases in 2019 in four macro-destinations


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