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Date: 03. 09. 2019 at 10:00
Application deadline: 09. 08. 2019
Place: Slovenia, Bled, Grand hotel Toplice, Grand Hall
Type: Other events
Contact: +386 (0)1 589 85 36,
More info:

Special focus of the Tourism Panel will be put on "Tourism for all destinations: Dispersal over place and time".

International tourism is growing exponentially. Forecasts have been optimistic, but not sufficiently, and the UNWTO has already announced a correction of long-term growth by 2030. Natural disasters, economic crises, epidemics and terrorism are the principal causes of instability in tourism. Tourism is considered as a tool for peace and a tool to achieve a balance between different, more and less developed parts of the world.

Countries, destinations and companies in the global tourism market are "fighting a sophisticated battle" for tourists. This important economic branch brings prosperity and generates 10% of global GDP, creates one in 10 jobs and accounts for 30% of services exports.

Digitalisation has transformed concepts of destination promotion. In the era of Society 5.0 and hyperconnectivity, tourists easily exchange advice about where and when to travel. Instagrammable locations gain further popularity, while others struggle to catch the attention of visitors, in spite of hard efforts. Owing to new technologies and a variety of tourist capacities, travel has become cheaper and more accessible to wider groups of people and different generations. The need to travel is becoming a fundamental need of many who wish to visit the most popular and best-rated global destinations.

According to experts, modern technologies and smart solutions are among the most powerful tools. Can we develop sustainable tourism to satisfy tourism stakeholders, visitors and local residents? Do we possess enough knowledge, skills and other resources to steer tourist flows in sense of effective destination management?

At this year’s tourism panel within the framework of the Bled Strategic Forum, we will try to provide practical strategies on how to address the growth of tourism in Europe to the benefit of all

*The official language of the Bled Strategic Forum is English.


More information about the panel and program will be available soon.



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