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At the 22nd Slovenian Tourism Forum this time, redesign of tourism will be at the forefront of the eyes of consumers and service providers in tourism. What is the modern traveler, what is he looking for, and above all, what digital channels is he using? How has its behavior and purchasing path been influenced by the development of modern technology? The changing habits of tourists must also be adapted to the economy and service providers. The second part of the forum will therefore present successful examples of destinations and businesses that have found the answers to the questions above. For a successful future, especially if we want to follow the set strategy and raise the value and quality of Slovenian tourism, therefore sustainability, innovation and openness to change will be essential.

Wednesday, 13. November 2019

08.00 - 08.45

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Tourist redesign 


The boutique and address of selected segment groups in the digital age. 

Nick Hall, CEO, Digital Tourism Think Tank

Tourism has entered a new era: how to tailor and tailor the offer to different target groups, both tourists from new markets and those from more traditional ones who want new, unique experiences? Digital is now the red thread that connects each element of the shopping route in tourism - how can this fact be best used by destinations and providers?


What is fu-tourist searching?

In the last two decades, radical changes have also occurred on the side of guest expectations and wishes. A representative of a top travel agency will outline what shifts they are experiencing in their work, what guests are looking for today, and how their customers' demands and demand have changed over the years.


Sales and promotion of tourism products through modern technology. 

Mladen Ljubišić

Slovenia does not lag behind in the use of modern technology in tourism, as evidenced by successful examples of the use of advanced tools, which have been implemented in their innovative offer by destinations in recent years.


How to find, address and attract a high value guest?

Ana Praprotnik, Head of Public Relations at Sava Hotels & Resorts

Ana Savšek, Head of Content Marketing at the Slovenian Tourist Board

Zenel Batagel, CEO of Valicon

In a moderated conversation, three prominent representatives from the field of tourism marketing will present their views and experiences in addressing demanding guests. Who are they, what makes them different from the usual tourist and what are the most effective ways of promotion?

11.30 - 12.30

Coffee break

12.30 - 14.00

Deals Redesign: How do you keep up with trends and create value for the consumer?


Reinventing nation branding: Creative Economies, Sustainable Tourism & Responsible Foreign Investments 

Sigridur Dögg Gudmundsdottir, PR Manager, Promote Iceland

A decade ago, Iceland was hit by a series of disasters, from the severe economic crisis to the volcanic eruptions that crippled air traffic. By intensive work on the positive image of the country, image and brand have stimulated the economy and attracted many foreign investments, and today the country is one of the tourist destinations, which are mainly visited by gourmet tourists.


How to successfully adapt as a destination to climate change and the changing travel habits that they bring?

Guy Bigwood

Climate change has become a fact, and many destinations today are already facing climatic conditions that require a series of adaptations. Guy Bigwood, a tourism sustainability expert, will speak with destination representatives about how to deal with change in the best way.


Re-defining and re-thinking the future of tourism 

Terry Stevens: Fut(o)urism

In the next ten to twenty years, tourism will change dramatically: old thinking patterns will have to make room for more open, hybrid solutions. The future may already be here: A review of two hundred innovative projects from all over the world revealed an extraordinary variety of new, imaginative and completely different tourism projects that inspire the creators of tourism experiences elsewhere to not only break the rules, but to set a whole new one. 

14.30 - 16.00


Plenary Session DST 2019

At this year's Days of Slovenian Tourism, key speakers of the plenary session will focus our thoughts on the future: what kind of shifts are necessary if we want quality tourism that will meet the challenges of the future.

Plenary Session DST 2019


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