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Zdravilisko naselje 12 9252 Radenci
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Bubbling waters in a pleasant climate

Terme Radenci is set in a landscape of wheat fields and vineyard-covered hills along the River Mura. Legend has it that industrious dwarves dug tunnels underground to reach the mineral water. In 1833 an underground rumbling was heard by a medical student called Karel Henn on his first visit to Radenci. After thoroughly analysing the water, Henn returned to Radenci as a renowned doctor. In 1869 he filled the first bottle of “Radenska” mineral water, later supplied to the imperial court in Vienna and the papal court in Rome. In 1882 the Radenci spa welcomed its first guests. Here they found a naturally carbonated mineral water, thermal springs and a pleasant bioclimate. Today these three factors are complemented by an inorganic peloid (“fango”).

Your heart draws you to Radenci
Radenska, the water of Radenci, is recognised everywhere by its three hearts symbol. The heart
is also at the centre of the work of the modern spa complex that offers guests medical and preventive programmes for the effective treatment of cardiovascular disease and also kidney
and urinary tract diseases, rheumatic diseases, disturbances of the locomotor system and metabolic disorders.

From Radenci to Banovci or vice versa
Just 16 kilometres from Terme Radenci, with its modern pool complex, the Corrium health and
relaxation centre and attractive Ayurveda centre, is another thermal spa: Banovci. Why not visit
both of them!

Radenci 1 (360°)

Radenci 2 (360°)


- Hotel Radin****

- Hotel Izvir ****

The right choice for those who wish to pamper their heart
- the water of the imperial court
- special features of a bubbling landscape
- two sister spas
Drink the water of the three hearts, like emperors and popes long before you. Enjoy a landscape  full of legends of sprites and bubbling springs. Relax in Radenci and nearby Banovci.

Fuentes naturales, indicaciones y servicios : Health care

Natural healing resources
- naturally carbonated mineral water
- hydrogen carbonate thermo-mineral water, temperature 41° C
- inorganic peloids
- beneficial climate with an average of 253 sunny days a year

Treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, kidney and  urinary tract diseases, rheumatic illnesses, disturbances of the locomotor system, and metabolic disorders.

Mineral water drinking and bathing cures, thermomineral baths, inorganic peloid compresses.


The Corrium Health and Relaxation Centre offers a wide range of modern health and wellness programmes designed for relaxation and care of the body. A special feature of Terme Radenci is the Ayurveda Centre, offering ayurvedic massage with aromatic oils and individually
adapted diets, all designed to achieve harmony of body and spirit. The Aleksandra Beauty Centre offers beauty care for face and body. Also available are massage with stones, nuad Thai massage, shiatsu, traditional massage, reflex zone foot massage, aromatherapy, etc.

rheumatic diseases, disease of the digestive system, mouth and teeth diseases, heart and circulatory diseases, metabolic diseases, injuries to the locomotor system, kidney and urinary tract diseases 

Recreación y entretenimiento :
Terme Radenci
System of ten pools covering 1,460 m2 with temperatures from 28° C to 37° C, with normal and thermal water, whirlpools, underwater massage, stream, Kneipp pool, waterfalls

World of saunas
Finnish, Turkish, infrared, herbal saunas, tepidarium; solarium, beauty centre

Ayurveda center
Indian ayurvedic massage and nutrition
- tennis hall with three courts, four outdoor tennis courts, fitness studio, trim trail, sports hall, ball games, children’s playground, bowling, beach volleyball, windsurfing on nearby lakes
- cycling, rafting on the Mura, hunting and fishing
- equestrian centre
- balloon flights
- cultural and entertainment events (exhibitions at galleries and Radenci Museum), traditional dances
(Night of Sparkling Wine), folklore events; Three Hearts Marathon, bicycle marathon excursions, walks, tour of wine cellars with tastings (wine and sparkling wine); visits to open farms, pottery workshops, harness racing stables, floating mill on the Mura
- cultural and historical sights of the Pomurje region
- panoramic flights

Senalización de las excursiones : excursions, walks, visits to wine cellars with wine and champagne tasting, tourist farms, pottery workshops, stud farms for harness racing horses, floating mills on the Mura River cultural and historical sights of Pomurje panoramic flights 

Se puede pagar
cash only, Diners, bank card, Maestro, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard 

Other facilities
- conference room
- seminar rooms
- mineral water bar and lounge
- casino

GPS Northing (N) : 46,6426 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,0466 

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Lugar: Radenci
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