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Visit spa and wellness resorts on the Slovenian Coast

Portorož has been known as a spa since the 13th century and it is no surprise that today it boasts a centre for the most comprehensive thermal, health and wellness programmes in Europe based on local natural therapeutic factors. The versatile range of programmes is complemented by numerous providers, including those from other resorts on the Slovenian coast. Do you wish to experience well-being?

The Terme & Wellness LifeClass spa
, located only a step away from the sea, is a centre providing the most comprehensive range of thermal, health and wellness programmes in Europe. The Terme & Wellness LifeClass spa is unique thanks to the use of five local natural therapeutic factors: salt pan mud – fango, brine – Aqua Madre, Mediterranean climate, sea water and thermal mineral water. All these factors are employed in seven centres for beauty, health and well-being. The visitors are offered beauty, health and well-being programmes combining the natural features of the seaside destination, Mediterranean climate and the tradition of the Sečovlje salt pans with the wisdom of Asia and the Far East. The LifeClass thermal and wellness range of services is provided by the Thalasso centre, the Wai Thai centre, the Beauty centre, the Medical and physiotherapy centre, the Shakti-Ayurveda centre, the Sauna Park, Fitness, Pilates and Kinesis centre and swimming pools with thermal mineral water and sea water.

St. Bernardin Resort`s Paradise Spa is located on the 9th and 10th floor of the Bernardin Hotel between Piran and Portorož. An attractive swimming pool overlooking the sea, nine types of sauna, a modern fitness centre, 18 massage rooms, various baths, cosmetic treatments and a bio-bar constitute only a part of the programmes providing you a reclusive escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, to listen to your soul and body and surrender to the ultimate pampering experience and total relaxation.

Talaso center Salia lies near the nature park, inside the Terme Krka Strunjan compound. Their professional staff use natural sea-related factors for beauty and curative-preventive purposes. The use of the healing mud, algae, salt and sea water as additives in massages, baths and packs is a peculiar feature of this seaside well-being resort.

The Bioenergiy centre Syra in the Salinera resort – Hoteli Piran is undoubtedly peculiar. In this oasis of tranquillity right next to the Strunjan Bay you can experience traditional healing methods intended to maintain inner harmony and balance. Using a number of different methods, the professional therapists will help you regulate your sense of well-being and strengthen your immune system.

The versatile and modern choice of well-being services on the Slovenian coast is complemented by the Wellness centre at the Aquapark hotel Žusterna in Koper, managed by Terme Čatež (one of the fifteen Slovenian natural spas, operating one of the largest thermal water parks in Europe, located in the South-east Slovenia, ), with smaller yet attractive centres of well-being also available in the small fishing town of Izola.


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