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The MONS Hotel receives the Green Globe Certificate Award

Mons, a hotel and congress centre in Ljubljana, entered 2012 with an international Green Globe Certificate for sustainable and nature-friendly operations and management. Mons thus became the first hotel in the region of central Slovenia to pride itself on this renowned certificate. In Slovenia, it thus joined the Bohinj Eko Park Hotel in the Julian Alps, which has strengthened its position on the market with environmentally friendly activities.

Being green has become an all-embracing trend that is being pursued by many industries. The pursuit has also been noted in the international congress industry, since congress providers realise you can be environmentally friendly and, at the same time, competitive on the market. In addition, it is about persuading an increasingly demanding business segment. Slovenia, too, has begun taking active steps on the path of green gatherings. The acquisition of a certificate such as the Green Globe is an important step in achieving more dedicated, all-embracing and credible sustainable operations.

In order to obtain the certificate, the Mons Hotel and Congress Centre adopted a series of actions and even developed its own brand “Active for a better tomorrow”. Sustainable development is taken care of by a special committee that introduces new standards. In addition to separating wastes and establishing eco corners, the committee is monitoring power consumption, the consumption of natural gas and motor fuel and have even developed their own environmental portal.

The Mons Hotel and Congress Centre is the first design hotel in Slovenia, designed by the architect Boris Podrecca. The Hotel is situated on a hillock amidst a green area and surrounded with forest and greenery, yet still in direct vicinity of the urban centre of Ljubljana, which is why it was characterised by the slogan “Embraced by nature”.

Green Globe Certification is the travel and tourism industry’s worldwide certification label for sustainable management and operations – present in 83 countries worldwide. The Green Globe Certification Standard is based on internationally accepted criteria developed during the 15 years of the Green Globe program. Since its inception, the Green Globe brand has represented the best in environmental responsibility. The brand and its associated programs hold even greater promise as the world further embraces the need for sustainability and response to global climate change as essential core values.



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