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Slotrips – a new web-guide for active travellers in Slovenia

A group of Slovenian outdoor and travel enthusiasts has developed an intriguing way to present what Slovenia has to offer in terms of active tourism. Their project Slotrips provides a lot of practical information about several outdoor sports, various sights and a growing collection of special places to stay and excellent restaurants serving typical Slovenian food.

The objective of Slotrips.si is to answer the following questions about Slovenia: What to do? What to see? Where to sleep? and Where to eat? The platform of the Slotrips is a web page primarily designed for nature and outdoor adventure lovers, who will find plenty of useful information about hiking, biking, climbing, winter sports and natural sights on the site.

The Slotrips team is constantly travelling around Slovenia and providing first hand impressions and descriptions of active trips for all ages and fitness levels. For all excursions, you will find detailed information about how to get there, how to follow the tour, points of interest, technical data, GPS track and lots of great pictures. Slotrips.si is also gathering a selection of excellent places to stay and restaurants serving tasty local food. These places were handpicked, visited and tested by the Slotrips team. They offer something more and have a special charm, along with happy owners or an extraordinary view. These posts are not sponsored advertisements, but their honest recommendations.

The main goal of the Slotrips project is to encourage visitors to explore Slovenia on their own. However, they also offer guided active tours for everyone who would like to join a group and experience Slovenia`s beautiful nature in the company of a guide. The fresh approach, easy navigation and "Pinterest inspired" design truly provokes the visitors of Slotrips.si to explore & enjoy Slovenia.

Don’t miss the very useful interactive map for an excellent overview of "what is where".



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