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River Kolpa – destination of excellence

The River Kolpa is this year’s winner of EDEN. The Kolpa offers you unforgettable experiences alongside and in the water. The warmest Slovenian river is ideal for canoeing and rafting, as well as for bathing, and its banks are also wonderful for walks along meditative trails and for cycling. This natural idyll will simply take hold of you. River falls, karstic sinkholes, variegated fields, birch groves, vineyard-covered hills, picturesque villages and squares, chapels, castles and water mills, and the bluffs of Kuželjska stena. Those who appreciate fine food will certainly not forget a visit to Galerija okusov, Lukčeva domačija, Črnomaljska klet and the numerous country houses. Over superb Bela Krajina wines and local dishes you can chat with the locals, who will relate a tale or two about the mythological heroes Peter Klepec, Zeleni Jurij, the Kolpa fairies and the demon of Bilpa. At the tourist farms they will also show you their exceptional handicraft skills in making Bela Krajina pisanice painted eggs, linen embroidery and basket weaving. You might even get to try your hand at some of this. As you enter the River Kolpa valley, at Kostel you could opt for a guided tour, or you can seek out your own story.



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