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Planica for new ski flying records from 17 to 20 March

Each year the valley of ski jumps, regarded as the cradle of ski jumping and flying, fills up with some 80,000 sports fans. This year they will gather between 17 and 20 March for the ski flying world championship at Planica, where new records have been regularly set since 1934.

Planica is most famous for the biggest ski flying jump in the world, at which almost every year some new record is broken. It was at Planica that someone on skis first jumped more than 100 m, way back in 1934, and later, in 1994, it was the venue for the first flight over 200 m. Each year the Planica organisers prepare the jump for new and surprising results.

The programme for the FIS World Jumping Ski Final can be viewed here, where you can also get accredited. Last year’s event at Planica was covered by more than 450 accredited journalists and photographers from 20 countries, and watched by millions of viewers in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovenia, as well as in Poland, Norway and Finland, with viewers in other European countries following it on the Eurosport television channel.

At the end of the last Planica event, the FIS president Gian Franco Kasper said: “Ski flights are the dream of every jumper and fan of this sport. Planica 2010 is further proof of the fascination of ski flights, since we have witnessed a tense struggle among the best jumpers for the title of world champion. Three days of exciting competition at the refurbished flight jump have provided a truly extraordinary experience.” Planica 2011 is already set for some new extraordinary feats.



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