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Not to be missed in 2014 - 2000 years of Roman Emona

The period of Roman Emona has a special place in the history of settlement in Ljubljana. Its traces have been preserved in the very centre of the Slovenian capital until today. Slovenia is about to mark an important anniversary! In 2014 Ljubljana will celebrate 2000 years of Emona, which is why the city will provide a number of activities to familiarise visitors with life in former Roman Emona.

Are you interested in the stories of how Ljubljana came to be? Legend has it that it was established by the Argonauts, led by Jason, on their journey from Greece. The heritage of Emona is strongly integrated into the urban tissue of Ljubljana, and the times of Emona form part of the identity of Ljubljana`s inhabitants.

In order for visitors to Ljubljana to become acquainted with this identity as well, late spring of this year saw the introduction of a new programme of guided day and night tours through Roman Emona, where guests discover traces of the former Roman city in present-day Ljubljana, travel 2000 years back in time and get to know the life and habits of Emona’s citizens.

Moreover, Ljubljana Tourism has published a guide entitled Roman Emona, intended for all those who wish to get to know Emona by themselves on a one-to-two-hour walk through the peaceful and pleasant south-western part of the city centre. The City Museum of Ljubljana is preparing a varied exhibition to be displayed from spring 2014 to spring 2015.

A great way for visitors to get an insight into life in Roman times is to visit the city`s three renovated archaeological parks: Emona House, the Early Christian Centre and the Roman Wall. The three parks are linked by a two-kilometre circular route including ten recognisable ancient monuments and offering an interesting base for an attractive themed walk.

In 2014 visit Ljubljana marked by Roman Emona. To begin with, we invite you to watch the film One Day in Emona.



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