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New catalogue of Slovenian campsites issued

The campsites in Slovenia provide an ideal point of departure for all those wishing to make their own plans for holidays, choosing trips spontaneously; they have always been popular among visitors who appreciate coexistence with nature. In recent years, the number of campsites winning international awards has been increasing. The Slovenian Tourist Board has issued a revised catalogue entitled Campsites in Slovenia, which you can leaf through HERE.

The catalogue contains the details of all Slovenian campsites, general and contact information for campsites as well as GPS coordinates.

Campsites in Slovenia can be found in the outskirts of towns and in the green countryside. Many are situated along rivers and lakes or by the sea and are ideal for lovers of water sports and angling. There are also plenty of hiking and biking trails in their vicinity, while many campsites have children’s play areas and all manner of sports facilities: beach volleyball, minigolf, basketball, 5-a-side football, badminton, table tennis and tennis. Slovenia’s campsites are ideal for those who appreciate value-for-money holidays, but are capable of convincing even those who are looking for an open-air five-star hotel. Some Slovenian campsites deserve to be regarded among Europe’s finest, and can genuinely boast five stars. Most are rated between two and four stars. All campsite operators were required to undergo a new rating process in 2009. For those travelling with camper vans, Slovenia has several dedicated sites with all the requisite facilities. When travelling in parts of the country where there are no such sites, visitors are welcome to stop at campsites or larger rest areas along the main roads. In the countryside, some tourist farms have sites for camper vans.

Last year, two campsites received particular attention. At the beginning of the year, Alan Rogers, one of the most highly acclaimed European camping guidebooks, named Kamp Koren of Kobarid as the 2010 European winner for accommodation facilities. This popular Kobarid campsite, situated in the unspoilt nature of Triglav National Park right by the emerald River Soča, also received a number of other awards in the past year.

Camping Bled, part of the Sava Hoteli Bled company − located in the direct vicinity of one of the most recognised Slovenian tourist resorts, Bled, ranks among the most popular and recognised campsites in Europe. It boasts five stars, and in 2010, it received a prize for the best European campsite from the distinguished Alan Rogers guide in the active holidays category. It is one of the first Slovenian companies to calculate its carbon footprint. In 2010 it introduced two wooden cabins made of natural materials, offering guests greater comfort than a tent (around the world this type of camping is called glamping).



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