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Mobile brochures for greener business

The selection of mobile brochures that were prepared by the Slovenian Tourist Board for this year`s World Tourist Market (WTM) only shows how influential new technologies and sustainable development in the promotion of tourism are. Mobile brochures convinced the expert comittee that the Slovenian stand should receive the award for the Best Stand for Interacting with Travel Agents.

The Slovenian Tourist Board selected the .pdf format for mobile brochures, since it is readable on computers and both operational systems (Android and Iphone IOS) used by the majority of smart phones and tablets. Besides the QR code that includes the URL address with the saved contents of an individual mobile brochure, the transfer is also possible through the abbreviated ending (for instance, www.slovenia.info/m-hiking). The use of an abbreviated ending has the advantage of still being readable in case the visitor does not have a code reader on his mobile phone of if manual input in the browser is necessary. Both mentioned features enable the Slovenian Tourist Board to achieve the highest possible number of visitors.

However, the use of information technologies is not only of key importance in tourism. The comprehensive approach to the development of sustainable tourism is also important, along with the promotion of Slovenia as a green and environmentally responsible destination on the basis of such tourism. Mobile brochures prepared by the Slovenian Tourist Board represent a step towards the goal of promoting Slovenia as a green destination and realising sustainable development in all areas of the sustainable development concept.



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