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Meet Lipko, the official Championship mascot

The local organisation committee of the European Basketball Championship 2013 would like to bring the event closer to all basketball fans and let them be able to participate; therefore, it invests a lot in interactive campaigns on the web. One of the first such campaigns was the selection of the official Mascot – the winner of the selection was Lipko, who received more than 50 per cent of the votes. Following the vote, Lipko became the official European Basketball Championship 2013 Mascot!

The name ‘Lipko’ derives from the Slovenian word for linden tree, which symbolizes Slovenian good. The character of Lipko is youthful, lively and friendly and his appearance reflects the greenness and natural beauties of Slovenia.

Lipko is young, the same age as Slovenia; however, despite his 21 years of age, he is as wise as his ancestors who shaped the fate of Slovenia under the mighty linden trees. He lives in an old village under Smrekovec in Koroška Region, near a 500-year old Slovenian linden tree.

The playful and likeable Lipko loves most to be among fans and likes those who can cheer the loudest best. With a linden tree leaf in his hair, his task is to share the common values of competitiveness and respect, playing and socialising as well as a healthy attitude towards nature.

You can follow Lipko tweets on @Lipko2013.



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