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Kolpa awaits the summer with several new features

The Kolpa River is excellent for bathing; namely, in its lower part near Vinica, it reaches 24 degrees, it increases up to 27 degrees Celsius in the area from Adlešič to Metlika, while in the Poljansko Valley, the river is a little colder, around 19 degrees Celsius. The Kolpa River awaited this year`s summer with several new features.

In June, new accommodation capacities were opened – 6 suites of the family company Apartmaji Maletič in Podlog pri Dramatušu, only steps away from the Lahinja Landscape Park. The Benetič family from Vinica opened a pub `Pri mlinu`, just by the river in the Kolpa Landscape Park, at the end of June, while the Metlika swimming complex was being restored.

The previous weekend, Semič hosted the 18th ‘Semiška ohcet’, which is not only a traditional wedding ceremony that can be experienced only in Semič, but also shows the folk customs, traditional cuisine and the almost forgotten country work and crafts in this part of Slovenia. During this event, real newlyweds give their vows in traditional clothes and in accordance with the end of the 19th century habits of Semič. The folk group Semiška ohcet, which is a recognisable main theme of all events, and appearances of folk groups from different places in Slovenia and abroad create the very traditional atmosphere.

About Kolpa (TOUCH THE STORY):

One of Slovenia`s warmest rivers offers a variety of experiences `Downstream Along The Kolpa, Upstream Along The Bank`. The numerous walking trails running along the river are also suitable for cycling. Rafts and canoes are available for trips down the river.

The river is suitable for swimming and, with many different species of fish, is popular with anglers. Experience the `Exuberance Of Nature` – in an area of extraordinary biological diversity you can encounter as many as 30 species of fish (nine of them on the list of endangered species) and around 100 species of birds.

Over the course of history, the Kolpa area has been a point of contact for three religions and five different peoples. As a result, some truly special KOLPA STORIES are preserved here. Allow your imagination to be stirred by figures of myth and legend such as Green George and Peter Klepec and other creatures such as the Bilpa Devil and the Kolpa Fairies.

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