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In March unique presentation of Lipica in Ljubljana

The Lipica Stud Farm, the pride of Slovenia and a cornerstone of the country’s national identity, is the cradle of all Lipizzaner horses in the world. In the picturesque Karst setting, the breeding and selection of this outstanding and noble breed of horse has been going on for more than 400 years. Marking the venerable 430th anniversary, which the Lipica Stud Farm, one of the oldest studs in the world, celebrated last year, this March a slightly different kind of show will be presented in Ljubljana, and it is set to become an annual tradition.

The project, which has the support of the City of Ljubljana, will involve an unforgettable show on 11 March at the Stožice sports and event centre in Ljubljana, with a unique combination of white ballet from the world-famous Lipizzaners and superlative, yet at the same time highly listenable, music from the Slovenian and international treasury. Lipica in Ljubljana will be a musical stage spectacular that will combine the grace and courage of the Lipizzaners with musical stars, top ballet dancers and other performing arts.

The star of the evening will no doubt be the Lipica Classical Riding School, with its traditional turns of the classical art of dressage, in a new choreography and accompanied by live music. The equestrian part of the show will be enhanced by the attractive appearance of horse-drawn coaches and the original mix of horses and ballet dancers. Meanwhile the show’s artistic merit will be boosted by top music names and the best from the Slovenian and international treasury of music in a premiere performance by the Slovenian Armed Forces Orchestra.

By placing the show in the capital city, symbolising the centre of Slovenia, the idea is to bring Lipica to a wider circle of people and to consolidate its position as a Slovenian jewel, while also using modern means to place it shoulder to shoulder with Vienna, which attracts visitors with its famous Spanish Riding School performances.

“At Lipica Stud Farm we are proud that our Lipizzaners will be appearing in Ljubljana in such a superb show. If Vienna is famed around the world for its Lipizzaner shows, Ljubljana also deserves that kind of show, since it’s the capital of the Lipizzaner homeland! We believe that through the professional work of the Lipica Classical Riding School, which we have bolstered recently through our collaboration with one of the greatest dressage experts in the world, this March and in the coming years we will offer spectators an extraordinary experience of equestrian art in the kind of outstanding show that at one time Lipica presented to enthusiastic audiences around Europe,” said Tomi Rumpf, director of the Lipica Stud Farm.



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