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Excellent results in the first half-year 2011

As the provisional data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia for the first half-year 2011 reveal, tourist accommodation facilities, in total, recorded 6% more overnight stays in comparison to 2010; the number of overnight stays of Slovenian tourists was equal to last year’s, whereas the number of overnight stays of foreign tourists increased by 10%.

Excellent visit from traditional markets of Slovenian tourism

In regard to overnight stays in June 2011, foreign tourists accounted for 62% of those stays. The majority of foreign guests, who stayed overnight, comes from Germany (17%), Austria, and Italy (the latter two accounting for 13%), the Russian Federation (7%), United Kingdom (6%), the Netherlands, and Croatia (the latter two accounting for 4%). Favourable June results from nearby markets were also influenced by the fact that this year the main church festivals occurred in June (last year partly in May, partly in June), which is the period, when groups from Germany, Austria, and Italy travel in larger numbers.

In June 2011, tourists from the Russian Federation created 62% more overnight stays than in June 2010, which indicates that increasingly more frequent visits also result in longer duration of stay of Russian guests in Slovenia.

A much greater interest in Slovenia as a tourist destination in the beginning of the main tourist season can be seen from Germany. In June the Germans created as much as 40% more overnight stays than in the same month last year. Before the high tourist season, the STB representation in Germany prepared the publication entitled “SLOWENIEN ÜBERRASCHT 2011” with a thematic offer of packages from Slovenian tourist providers for the German market, which was sent to interested individuals through direct mail; it was also advertised in e-kiosks and daily magazines.

The numbers related to the Austrian market are also encouraging, because 40% more Austrians visited Slovenia, and thus created 38% more overnight stays. In the pre-season (April-June) STB carried out an extensive advertising campaign in Austria, the goal of which was to broadly present Slovenia as a nearby tourist destination to the Austrian public. The national television ORF aired a short video about Slovenia (Urlaub in Slowenien), whereas ads were also posted in printed media and online.

The majority of tourist arrivals in June 2010 was recorded in mountain municipalities (26% of all arrivals), and the majority of overnight stays was recorded in spa municipalities (31% of all overnight stays) or, in other words, 11% more than in June 2010. In terms of overnight stays, the runners-up were coast municipalities, recording 27% of all overnight stays or 6% more than in June 2010.

In June 2011 foreign overnight stays up by 22%

In tourist accommodations 11% more tourist arrivals and 10% more overnight stays were registered in June 2011 over June 2010. In the same comparison there were 4% less arrivals and overnight stays of domestic tourists, but 19% more arrivals of foreign tourists, who created 22% more overnight stays.

In June 2011, the share of tourist arrivals was the highest in mountain resorts (26% of all tourist arrivals), while the share of overnight stays was the highest in health (spa) resorts (31% of all overnight stays, which is 11% more than in June 2010). Regarding the number of overnight stays, in second place are seaside resorts with a 27% share and 6% more overnight stays than in the same month of the previous year. In the same comparison mountain resorts (23% of all overnight stays) recorded 16% more overnight stays, while Ljubljana (8% of all overnight stays) recorded a 5% increase.

Data for June 2011 is provisional. Overview of statistics by month (for previous years) can be viewed here. The final data for May of 2011 is available here.



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