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Catalogue of Private Accommodation 2011

The new Catalogue of Private Accommodation 2011 has come out. Through the basic listing and advertisements the Catalogue presents 220 tourist accommodation providers offering rooms, apartments, holiday homes, guest houses, inns, tourist farms, small hotels, vineyard cottages and complementary tourist services throughout Slovenia.

The Catalogue of Private Accommodation is published by the Gostoljubnost slovenskih domov (Hospitality of Slovenian Homes) public institute in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, and represents one of the rare forms of joint promotion from small tourist accommodation providers, which are characterised by their personal attention to the guest and in this way with hospitality. In addition to a joint approach by small tourist accommodation providers in the market, the Gostoljubnost institute is also focused on securing better conditions for their operation and on developing practical business tools for simpler, less expensive and better organised operation.

The print run for the publication in five foreign languages is 25,000 copies. This 2011 catalogue of private rooms and apartments will be presented to visitors by the Slovenian Tourist Board at international tourism fairs and exchanges attended by STB, and it is also available at embassies and consular offices abroad.

The Catalogue of Private Accommodation is available in electronic form on the STB web portal (where you can also order it).



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