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Camping Bled the first to measure its carbon footprint

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Camping Bled, part of the Sava Hoteli Bled company, ranks among the most popular and recognised campsites in Europe, and is located in the direct vicinity of one of the most recognised Slovenian tourist resorts, Bled. It boasts five stars, and in 2010 it received from the distinguished Alan Rogers guide a prize for the best European campsite in the active holidays category.

Achieving high standards is not easy, and Camping Bled has been striving to be the best in all fields. Nejc Kelbl, campsite manager, explains: “We decided to measure our carbon footprint in order to check our impact on the environment and on that basis to try and reduce it.” Based on results from 2009, they calculated the average quantity of emissions per individual overnight stay. By being aware of this information and being able to compare it to other operators, visitors can select the operator with less of a carbon footprint, and thereby contribute to the fight against climate change.

Camping Bled has also designed its services to suit the ecologically aware and demanding visitor. The 2010 summer season saw the introduction of a special new feature at the campsite – two wooden cabins made of natural materials, offering guests greater comfort than a tent, but still with the advantages of camping. Around the world this type of camping, called glamping, is well established, but this was only just the start in Slovenia.

Recently they also opened an ornithology trail, intended for bird watching at Bled Golf Course, and in this way visitors can get to know the rich cultural and natural heritage of the local environment. Along the three-kilometre trail various types of birdhouse have been set up, and birds have already used them. The start and end of the trail are at the Kraljeva Clubhouse, where visitors can get information booklets with a description and outline of the trail, a presentation of the most common species of birds in this area and the location of their nesting sites.

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