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Actividades acuáticas – Eslovenia refrescante

En primer lugar, el verano es sinónimo de descanso en el agua... ya sea en forma de actividades o experiencias acuáticas en los ríos con agua cristalina de los pintorescos valles de los Alpes, con vistas a las cimas de las montanas, o disfrutando de clásicas aventuras en el mar y de los placeres acuáticos tranquilos cerca de manantiales termales curativos. No te pierdas los consejos para un viaje refrescante por Eslovenia.

Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, the sea, springs of thermal and mineral water … when it comes to water, Slovenia is the treasure trove of Europe; by total quantity of water per inhabitant it exceeds the European average by nearly four times, and its water is considered to be very pure. You can sense the true taste of water by scooping it from an Alpine lake, and you’re welcome to drink tap water all over Slovenia with no worries. So, there’s no wonder that the offer of water activities in Slovenia is so developed and diverse.

But don’t forget! Next to water activities – up next we have prepared a short overview of ideas for you – you can feel the true energy of water when you dip your bare feet in a river after a tiring hike, when you experience the power of water mist from a waterfall, and when you see your own reflection in a lake wrapped in peace and quiet…

Suggestion for water activities for this summer:

RAFTING: Slovenian rivers offer exciting, but safe rafting. Operators provide all the equipment you need. The most suitable river for rafting is Soča, a clear, emerald-green river flowing through a beautiful valley. You can also experience adrenaline-boosting raft rides in the company of a guide on the upper part of Sava, on Savinja in Štajerska, on Kolpa in Bela Krajina, and on Krka in Dolenjska.

HYDROSPEED: The rivers Soča and Sava are ideal for the adrenaline-boosting sport of riverboarding, also known as hydrospeed. Hydrospeed enables direct contact with water, because the only thing between you and the river is a small `river bob`. Tourism agencies and centres offering hydrospeed provide all the necessary equipment and a guide to ensure even greater safety.

CANYONING: Canyoning is an extreme water sport, but you can experience it safely in Slovenia. With suitable equipment and a guide you can enjoy leaping into pools, sliding over small waterfalls and swimming down crystal-clear streams. The most suitable canyons are Sušec, Fratarca and Mlinarica near the Soča Valley, and Mostnica, Grmečica and Jerečica near the Lake Bohinj. A guide is compulsory in Slovenia.

CANOEING: Canoes are ideal for paddling down Slovenia`s quieter rivers and for canoeing expeditions on lakes or on the sea, since they offer an easy, rapid, and agile way to travel. Canoeing along the river Ljubljanica through the Ljubljansko Barje wetland and Ljubljana itself is very popular. Other popular canoeing rivers include Krka from Žužemberk and Mura. Canoes are also available for hire on the Lake Bohinj, the Lake Velenje, and the Lake Zbilje. An increasing number of agencies and private providers have recently begun offering inflatable mini-rafts for hire.

KAYAKING: In Slovenia you can hire a kayak to race down wild rivers or paddle on quieter rivers, lakes and the sea. On the rapids of Soča, Sava, Savinja, Krka, and Kolpa kayaking can be an exciting adventure. Centres, where kayaks and other equipment are available for hire, will also provide an experienced guide to guarantee your safety. A guide is recommended even on Slovenia`s quieter rivers. Interesting kayak trips are possible on practically all rivers – as long as there are no major dams or hydroelectric plants along your route. Kayaking centres will also organise transport of kayaks.

OLD-STYLE RAFTING: You can learn about the centuries-old history of Slovenian rafting, which was once an important means of freight transportation, while rafting on Drava, Sava and Krka rivers.

SWIMMING: One of the most popular and accessible sports is swimming, with swimming pools available in many thermal resorts and hotels.

SEA WATER ACTIVITIES: The Slovenian coast is an excellent region for various water sports. You can swim in the sea, in swimming pools in numerous water parks and spas, or rent boats or paddle boats. You can learn or practice waterskiing in Portorož. The bays of Piran and Koper are excellent for lovers of sailing, whereas the sea areas between Piran and Strunjan are perfect for diving. You can also dive in Slovenian rivers and lakes. Divers are drawn by the mysteries of Karst springs, such as the Savage Lake near Idrija.

Check the operators of individual sports. More information is also available at the local TIC centre in your selected holiday destination.



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