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4th Travel Zoom tourism marketing conference at Bled

Bled, one of the most popular MICE centres in Slovenia, will host the 4th international conference on strategic and creative marketing in tourism, Travel Zoom, from 13 to 14 March. The event centred around the theme of "Become the Icon" will bring together more than 20 experts from the field of tourism, marketing, advertising and IT.

Marketing challenges in tourism require solutions to become increasingly innovative and creative. There is a growing need for strategic market communication and integrated advertising campaigns. At the 4th Travel Zoom, renowned speakers will share their long-term experience and knowledge. The two-day educational event, with a view of the island in the middle of Lake Bled and the Alpine peaks in the background, will present the latest trends in tourism communication and marketing, stories about the marketing success of many European destinations and hoteliers, and the newest out-of-the-box tourism campaigns. The organisers have only one goal in mind – to broaden the knowledge of the delegates and help them become icons of tourism.

Apart from lectures delivered by experts, this year emphasis is put on joint active learning at workshops. The workshops will focus on social media, content marketing, advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing and turning products into experiences.

The conference will be accompanied by a competition, in which campaigns of local, regional and national tourism organisations, providers and marketing agencies will be considered for the Golden Zoom Award 2014. Last year the first prizes went to a Croatian destination and a Slovenian tourism marketing agency.



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