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Festival masks

Vareja, 2284 Videm pri Ptuju
Haloze, Ptujsko and Dravsko polje and Slovenske gorice are areas in Slovenia that attract attention because of numerous traditional carnival masks. Most popular and numerous mask is kurent or korant. Its source has not been discovered yet, but there are some assumptions connected with Illyric-Celtic tradition, Slovenian ancestors, with settlement of Uskoki in 16th century, etc. After old belief korant is a demon which persecutes winter and invites spring to the land. Most interesting part of korant’s costume is its hat, by which korants can differentiate. In Ptujsko and Dravsko polje and on the slopes of Slovenske goricekorant hat has its ears made of turkey or geese feathers and straw or wooden horns, held with leather and decorated with colourful paper flowers and bands. In Haloze and in villages in nearby Dravsko polje, kurents have real cow horns and fur coat or leather ears. In escort of a devil they appear since Candle mass, 2nd February, until Ash Wednesday. Devil dressed in black or red is wearing a frightful mask and pitchfork and takes care of undisturbed rounds of whole kurent group.
Also popular mask is called “rusa”, a carnival animal, which wishes fertility and health for horses and other livestock. Under the trunk there are two carriers, in front it has a wooden head with flexible jaw, and tail behind. Escorts of rusa are drover and picker with basket for goods. As such they walk form house to house, where rusa makes foolish tricks, it does not obey, grabs people, etc.
Woman carrying a man or a man carrying a woman is known in the whole area. This mask can be related to figure of old man or old woman, which in human appearance represents spirits of the dead.

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Place: Vareja
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