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Ethnographic museum in Velika Varnica

Velika Varnica
East Haloze are low, lively agitated hilly landscape that is since once known of its wines. Velika Vranica is often called a center of Leskovec wine area. Sunny sides of the hills are planted with wine yards and fields or meadows in foothills. Shady sides are covered with forests. They are settled with buildings in “gruči”, stegnjenimi domovi, viničarijami, wine cellars and other economic buildings. Some decades before most houses were “cimpranih”, built out of roughly squared “brunami”, swept with clay and covered with straw.
Exhibition shows farming and living culture of Varnica area in the past and half past time. Wine growing, most important economic activity, is represented with tools, sprinkler, barrel, etc. Many of exhibits represent agriculture: hand tools, plough, harrow and other smaller working machines, device for beating cereal sheaf and trashing device.
Fruit growing, which was quite important in those times, is represented with fruit mills and boiler for schnapps. Farming and apiculture are represented by “jarmi” and beehives, transport with sledges and carriage, craft with barrel maker’s and carpenter’s instruments, and also with instruments of workers who were covering roofs.
Majority of exhibits represent living culture and food. Interesting are “žrmlje”- hand mill used for milling wheat. Žrmlje were used in many Slovenian rural homes for many centuries, somewhere even until middle 20th century. Wealthy and progressive farmers replaced manual hand “žrmlje” with motorised ones. Preparing food in fireplace and bread baking in wood-fired oven is presented with clayey pots, karničke, ničke, slamnjače, burkle and oven peel, wicker “chest” reminds us on storing dry meat and sausages.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3102 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,9244 

Velika Varnica

Place: Velika Varnica
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