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The Church of the Sad Mother of God

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Leskovec pri Krškem
In the middle of the village of Leskovec, above the vineyards at Krško, stands a Renaissance church. Its older predecessor was first mentioned 1274 as the Church of the Virgin on the Lake (Marija na Jezeru). At that time it probably had a level ceiling, a vaulted presbytery and an independent bell tower. Around 1530 a three-nave hall area was added, with quintpartite cross-rib vaulting. This reaches from the foot of the slightly irregularly located bell tower to the renovated altar area with an added chapel. The exterior is decorated with elements from the Antique period.

The interior area is gradated in the direction of the newer presbytery. It has rich altar fittings, which covered the strict character of the unified Renaissance area. The main, golden altar originated around 1670 in the workshop of the sculptor and carver Avguštin Ferfilla from Ljubljana, and already has some isolated Baroque characteristics. The pulpit is the northern Renaissance style. Among the other fittings is a painting by Valentin Metzinger.

The parish church is regularly maintained.


Parish office Leskovec pri Krškem 
Grebenčeva 1 
Leskovec pri Krškem 
Telefono : ++386 7 492 71 30 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,9431 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,4779 
Curatore : Center za podjetništvo in turizem Krško | ++386 7 490 22 20 | | | last modified: 17.01.2014

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