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Since 1996, DuVine Adventures has been delivering award-winning cycling vacations through a network of proven leaders spread throughout Europe and has a guaranteed track record of providing seamless service from arrival to departure.
DuVine Adventures is on hand every moment, ensuring that your journey proceeds smoothly, guided by professionals who know and love their region.
We have very high standards on our cycling and walking vacations. DuVine leaders are impeccable hosts - experienced, well-educated, creative people who are also fun. They are excellent guides because they are personally interested in the people, places and culture of the region you select.
With our many special local contacts and vast knowledge of wines, history and hidden gems, DuVine's trip leaders take you far beyond regular travel experiences - to show you the real country - that is simply DuVine.

One of our attarctive bike tours will lead you to Slovenia. For more info about this tour please click here

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Vacanze attive estive, Gite gastronomiche, Vacanze familiari, Viaggi circolari 

Ciclismo, Enogastronomia 


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