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265 m
Height above sea level
in the countryside
Healthy climate
Dolina is a small village in the municipality of Puconci lying along a stream called Dolinski Potok. The headwaters of this stream are below Slivnjekov Rob, a forest-covered hill to north of the settlement. This little stream continues on its way towards the south, where it joins another stream, Bokrački Potok, above Sebeborci to form Sebeborski Potok. The north-south direction is also followed by the ridges characteristic of Dolina and the other villages of central Goričko. Little streams have cut beautifully shaped valleys into the tertiary plateau, a bed of agglutinate rock consisting of gravel, sand, clay, marl and conglomerate, which today lies at between 250 and 350 metres above sea level, like a remnant of the inlets of the prehistoric Pannonian Sea. The inhabitants of Dolina ("Valley") therefore named their settlement after the picturesque valley. To the north are the neighbouring settlements of Košarovci, Panovci and Kukeč; to the east is Bokrači. The main road runs over the western ridge, a popular site for weekend cottages, and right into this village, since the main traffic route from Goričko towards the Mura Plain runs through Vaneča. The village of Dolina, which numbers around 193 inhabitants, is a scattered settlement in the valley of the stream at a height of 265 metres above sea level. The bottom of the valley is for the most part covered with meadows, while much of the settlement and the tilled ground are on the gentle sunny slope. The top of the hill is covered with vineyards. The shady ridges are given over to mixed forest. The peak of the eastern ridge, known as Duga Gomila ("Long Barrow"), which is evidence of very early, probably pre-Roman habitation in this area, is a Roma settlement. Other hamlets here are Banfijev Breg, Kovačev Breg, Lebarji, Lepošov Breg, Slivnjekov Rob, Vukov Rob and Žilavciov Varaš. Today the population is to a large extent tied to Murska Sobota, which is also where most people work. Dolina has long since lost its predominantly agricultural character and today the majority of households are semi-agricultural. Most of the villagers are Protestants, although there are also some Catholics. Dolina belongs to the religious community of Puconci. In the village there is a cemetery with an old bell tower. The arrival of the telephone network was a significant acquisition for the village. Since Slovenia's independence, the village has undergone major changes. In 1993 the municipal road linking Dolina to Vaneča and Bokrači was asphalted. Since then a number of village roads have been given an asphalt covering. By means of an additional self-imposed contribution and the collection of funds through local contributions, the villagers have succeeded in completing the chapel of rest. On the summit of Ribnjek (317 metres), a solitary hill commanding a fine view, stand the hunting lodge and a radio transmitter. The village is surrounded by hills covered with dense forest and neat vineyards among which there are holiday houses and paths for pleasant country walks.


GPS Northing (N) : 46,7383 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1847 
Region: Pomurska
Place: Dolina
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Administrator : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 |
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