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The village of Bokrači lies on the edge of the Goričko region and is one of the smallest villages in the municipality of Puconci and beyond. It is also one of the oldest villages in the municipality. The village borders Sebeborci, Krnci, Dolina, Kükeč, Košarovci and Vaneča. With most of the younger population having left the village years ago, almost half the present inhabitants (for the most part elderly and retired) are involved in agriculture. Barely a quarter of the population is in employment. The locals divide the village into Zgornji (Upper) and Spodnji (Lower) Bokrači, while the village also includes Talaberov Breg, Žgonjarov Breg and Gomila. Years ago there were two blacksmith's workshops (Železnova and Kovačeva), two shops and an inn in the village. The remains of an old vineyard cottage or vineyard that once belonged to the local count are still visible. Before the Second World War there were quite a number of Hungarians in the village. During the war the Russians came. They carried off food, livestock and machinery, so the local people began to conceal everything that might have been useful. It is said that a chest of nails is still buried somewhere near the fire station, while another farmer is supposed to have buried rifles and probably many other things that people do not know about. After the Second World War quite a number of people moved to Bokrači from Ocinje and the surrounding area. The first agricultural machinery in the village (a threshing machine and a tractor) belonged to Franc Baler, who was happy to use his machines to help other farmers. There is also a well in the village, built by the Red Cross. People drew water from this well for themselves, for their livestock and for washing clothes. Electricity reached the village in 1953. In 1978 and 1979 the work brigades of the former Yugoslavia built a road. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,7314 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1957 
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Administrator : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 |
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