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RIMSKE TERME - Business Wellness Spa Resort Rimske Toplice

Toplice 10, 3272 Rimske Toplice
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RIMSKE TERME Business Wellness Spa Resort

A pearl in an intact oasis of nature, among mighty vegetation and surrounded by beneficial effects of thermal springs will woke up a wish for creativity, relaxation and rest. We prepared just for you an offer of services for better condition and preserving health, working and creative energy.

Wellness center Amalija expands in the Hotel Rimski dvor****. Many opportunities for relaxation and hedonistic experience in intimate atmosphere of Wellness center Amalija offer you a world distant from reality and from the things that are threatening you in everyday life. For prestige pleasures and touches of comfort we will indulge you with different massage types and techniques and woke up sensuality of thoughts, beauty of the body and experience of perfection.

One of the main emphasis of our relaxing center is the use of Slovene salt with our top therapies. In Slovenian slatterns in Sečovlje they produce exceptional medical salt from our see for hundreds of years. It affects beneficently on human body and helps with the therapy for diverse illnesses. So in our relaxing center you can try sauna with Slovenian salt, face and body massage with salt and inhalation therapy with salt. See salt cures many chronic illnesses of upper respiratory organs, majority of skin diseases, and because of its Ionian content affects beneficently on all oxidation and reduction processes in the human body.

The old thinkers said that “Those who know how to value their health will know how to walk these paths sturdy and proudly”. The ancient Romans in the Rimske terme were already aware of this. They knew about the healing powers of the thermal water from Rimske Toplice. They thanked the supernatural forces and the water nymphs for their recovery. To solve your problems and questions thoroughly and effectively we offer a team of experienced medical experts who perform programmes of healing and rehabilitation in the Valetuda Medical Centre.

Being healthy is most important to our existence – you should take care of your health today. The Valetuda Medical Centre is named after the Roman goddess of health Valetuda. During the building of the thermal baths from 1769 to 1845 they discovered several marble monuments of those who were sacrificed, II. votive monuments four of which are dedicated to nymphs and the goddess of health Valetuda. They were given by guests who regained their health while visiting the baths. The Valetuda Medical Centre is meant for patient recovering from illnesses and injuries, the guests will be presented with programmes of physiotherapy and top-level services for improving and strengthening their health condition.

The Valetuda Medical Centre has 800 square metres and offers the following possibilities of rehabilitation:

■Hubbard bath
■Two massages baths for hydrotherapy
■Four rooms for thermotherapy with fango mud
■Two rooms for laser therapy
■Six massage rooms
■A big gym
■Three rooms for electrotherapy and laser therapy


Convention centre Business Wellness Spa Resort Rimskih Term is located in Hotel Rimski dvor**** and Hotel Sofijin dvor****. Conference banquet rooms with modern audio - visual equipment are suitable for conferences, consultations, seminars, courses, meetings, receptions and social events, exhibitions, fashion shows and gala receptions. Seminar facilities were named, based on events and personalities in the city, as the history has written them.

You can choose from six contemporary-designed conference halls, suitable for one day or more days of the meeting. Convention centre is located in the heart of the complex and is associated with well-equipped accommodation part in Hotel Rimski dvor ****, Hotel Sofijin dvor **** and Hotel Zdraviliški dvor ***, where are available 190 modern rooms, which satisfy even the most demanding guests.

The Convention centre features flexible halls, in it are modern decorated common areas designed for socializing, entertainment or receptions. There is an opportunity to organize a coffee break, or Fit brake. Your business meeting can be completed with the team building, tours of natural and cultural heritage, superb cuisine in a la carte restaurant Sofija or restaurant cesarja Ferdinanda and pampering at the Wellness Center Amalia.

Abundance and variety of flavours

We can spoil and relax our body with numerous senses where our taste plays the key role. Getting to know the environment, its traditions and customs is the easiest when the stories written by history are presented to us through food. This is why Rimske terme offers the perfect culinary experience. Chefs will provide the perfect specialities which will satisfy your hidden desires and take you on a journey of an unforgettable culinary experience.


Relaxation of the body and soul
For complete experience Roman Spa offers you besides swimming in the pool complex Rimski dvor**** also many sport and amusement activities that are appropriate for anyone. We realize that care for our health is also determined with appropriate exercise and pursuance of physical exercises. We prepared a diverse pallet of sport activities just for you. We provided the best, so you will never be bored, you will spend your time as active as possible, and you will leave with unforgettable memories and with a wish to come back.

■Morning gymnastics in pool with music
■Afternoon gymnastics in pool with music
■Hugging sequoias for better energy condition
■Good morning to the sun
■Music in the coffee shop of Princess Viktoria (Friday and Saturday) – piano music
■Social afternoon (cards, chess, table games etc.)
■Lecture about the Roman Spa
■Hike to St. Holy Mother church – Sunday mass




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TIC Laško 
Trg svobode 8 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,1193 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,2033 

Rimske Toplice

Destination: EDEN 2013: Laško
Place: Rimske Toplice
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Administrator : Rimske Terme d.o.o. | ++386 3 734 63 11 |
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