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The lake of Kočevje

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Creation of artificial lake reaches to year 1978, when the production of coal was stopped. The water from mine stream, which was before exhausted and used for coal washing, filled the mining site. Large tubes, which led to river Rinža almost two kilometers away, were of fit. Anxiety before lake flood is today to a spare. 
Range of lake is settled richly with vegetables and animal types today. Here nests over 64 species of birds, 15 of them are on the Red list of endangered bird species, which nest in Slovenia. Here over go birds flaying ways from northern and central Europe to Mediterranean and Africa. The lake is wonderful site for observing and studding the birds, and also for fishing. Small bushes growing near the coast, where nests numerous crabs. In the lake area is known 15 species of dragonfly. In the area higher above the lake is growing high grass, where birds make their nests every year.
In the dry period of a year fires are here numerous. At that time there is no birds around. Ravens and Grey crows fly to the site after the fire. On the north end of the lake area is Boron forest, which represents special growing site on the land of Kočevska. 
Around the lake is made 3 km long natural educated way and leads us to all most typical biotopes (lake, grass sites and forest). On the way stand the information tables with explanations and suggestions.
The lake is in the summer suitable for swimming and other water actions in the winter for skating if there is enough amount of ice on the surface.

Tourism society Kočevje 
Trg zbora odposlancev 20 
Téléphone : ++386 83 829 000 
Téléfax : ++386 83 829 000 
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GPS Northing (N) : 45,6465 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,8714 
Personne responsable : Občina Kočevje | | last modified: 25.03.2013
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GPS N: 45,6465
E: 14,8714
Destination: EDEN 2010: River Kolpa
Ville: Kočevje

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