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Address: Novi trg 10 8000 Novo mesto
Phone: ++386 7 393 15 20, ++386 7 393 15 36
Fax: ++ 386 7 393 15 39
Družinska vas - Šmarješke Toplice - Koglo - Pule - Maline - Mirna - Šentrupert - Hrastno Trail length: 39.6 km. From Šmarješke Toplice we will ride into the peaceful Radulja valley, ascend to Pule and ride on to Trebelno and afterwards through the Debenec viticultural hillsides to Mirna for a visit to the beautiful Mirna Castle. From here it is only a hop to Vesela gora, Šentrupert and Hrastno. This trail is included in the package HTN 16. 

trekking on horseback, trail riding 

individual, guided tour 

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From Družinska vas we will ride through the forest to the Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort. This will be followed by an ascent to Koglo, followed by a descent to the Radulja valley. At Roje pri Trebelnem, we will turn right at the Godstinca valley and ascend past Maline to Trebelno. From here we will ride along the Debenec slopes to Mirna. We can stop here and visit the Mirna Castle, and then ascend along the Blatnik forest trails to Vesela gora. From Vesela gora, we will descend to Šentrupert and continue on to Hrastno. Additional information about the trail: Lowest point: 158 m Highest point: 513 m Total ascent: 940 m Total descent: 685 m 

Tel. : ++386 7 393 15 20 
Tel. 2 : ++386 7 393 15 36 
Fax : ++386 7 393 15 39 
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