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Mestni vrh

Mestni vrh (1034m) is one the summits in the mountain chain Stojna. Hills in this area reach the height of about 1000m. Because Mestni vrh is just behind the city of Kočevje it, together with the hut of mountaineering society under the top, represents one of the most popular recreation and tourist point in Kočevska region.
Mestni vrh with footpath has exceptionally emphasized recreation and tourist, together with equipped natural way Jelenov studenec also educational function. Forest over hut is protected as forest reservation and is introducing valuable natural heritage. Characteristics for it are mightly, lasted forest of fir and beeches on rocky and steep slopes of high Karst.
The mountaineering society hut stands in idyllic valley under the Mestni vrh summit, few meters away from Jelenov studenec (spring) and is also named by the spring. Members of mountaineering society are redoing the hut permanently and in terms of catching demands of time.
To the hut lead marked footpaths (Kalanova and Grajska pot) and from village near Kočevje (Dolga vas) unnamed footpath. There is also possibility to reach the hut by car. It is starting point for visiting: caves (Ledena jama and Eleonorina jama), summits around (Ledenik, Mestni vrh, Fridrihštajn and Livoldski vrh), and also natural educational ways (Jelenov studenec, (Kočevska planinska pot), and others marked footpaths. Hut is opened every Saturday and Sunday and at non working days over the whole year. In opening days you can get some food and drink, accommodation and also some useful information. In front of the hut is clearing where you can find some playing tools for children, and places to sit around the fire. On the top of Mestni vrh visitors can find stamp and the book of visits.

Mountaineering society of Kočevje 
TZO 16 A 
Tel. : ++386 41 507 853 
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Free of charge
GPS Northing (N) : 45,6198 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,8508 
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