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Grad in Goričko, Castle (Grad)

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Adresse: Grad 191 9264 Grad
Téléphone: ++386 2 551 88 60, ++386 41 659 436
Fax: ++386 2 551 88 63
A vast periphery castle with the simple name Grad (Castle) is one of the largest in our country. The counts from Železno (1208-1269) ran the estate, then the Omodas in the 13th century, after 1365 the Szechys, later the Batthyanys, Nadasdys, from 1830 the Szechenys and between the wars the industrialist G. Hartner. After that was the occupation of the Red Armada and the castle's slow death. With the help of the state as its owner, and with the enthusiasm of the locals, the castle is being renovated.  The fortification stands on a rising above the village Grad in Goričko, in the middle of a larger park. The building is medieval in its base, which is confirmed by the recently discovered old entrance with a point-shaped portal arch and a mechanism for raising the bridge. The older fortification was mentioned in 1214. The mighty rondelle extensions are from the Renaissance. The entire structure belongs among the vastest castle architectures of the 17th and 18th centuries according to the ground plan of the Baroque peripheral construction. The perimeter of the ground plan is polygonal. The inner yard is surrounded by various two-storey arcades that stand on brick columns. On the south side, the chapel with its Baroque bell tower from the first half of the 18th century leans up against the wall.

The entrance into the castle is from the south side. The path leads across a poorly kept park and the entrance portal, accented by the coat-of-arms of the last owners. The exterior façades have no special arrangement or richer architectural decoration. In the castle there is an arranged tract with a wedding hall and a restaurant for smaller events. The premises for workshops and the information office of the regional park are still being arranged.

There are renovated areas in the castle that are open regularly. Different social gatherings are organised in the building and its vicinity.

Grad - castle - yard (360°)

Thu-Sun betwen 10.00-16.00 (march, october, november)
Thu-Sun betwen 10.00-18.00 (april, may, jun, july, august, september)
In december, january and february open for gropus that have been anonced, over 10 person.

Please call Information centre of Nature park Goričko: ++ 386 2 551 88 60 or ++386 31 354 149 or send us an e-mail on:  

Goričko Nature Park Public Institute 
Téléphone : +386 2 551 88 60 
Téléphone 2 : +386 41 659 436 
Téléfax : +386 2 551 88 63 
Adresse électronique :  
Site internet : 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,7999 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,096 
Réductions accordées : Price: 3,00 EUR
Groups (more the 30) - 2,40 EUR
Children and students - 1,80 EUR Official pricelist is available on the Goričko Nature Park web page. 
Personne responsable : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 | | last modified: 26.03.2015
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GPS N: 46,7999
E: 16,096
Région: Pomurska


grad Gradpočitnice na gradu Grad

Castle Grad

Schloss Grad

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