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Prosenjakovci / Pártosfalva

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240 m
Height above sea level
in the countryside
Healthy climate
The village is home to the people of two ethnicities; with an autochtonous ethnic Hungarian community. Slovene and Hungarian are both recognized as official languages. The bilingual village with approximately 180 inhabitants; including a partially Hungarian population; is located approximately 12 km from Moravske Toplice. The distance between Selo and Prosenjakovci is 3 km. Both an Evangelical Lutheran chapel and a Catholic church grace the village of Prosenjakovci / Pártosfalva. Each May, Prosenjakovci hosts a lively celebration (known locally as "buča") in honour of the patron saint of the village – Saint's Feast Day. The seat of the Autonomous Ethnic Hungarian Minority Community in the Municipality of Moravske Toplice (MNSS) is also located in the village. Near the road to Berkovci stands the only bilingual Slovene–Hungarian primary and lower secondary school in the Municipality of Moravske Toplice. Pupils of Slovene and Hungarian ethnicity are privy to being educated equally in the both cultures. The conspicuous school well, which is part of the notable Water Learning Path, is a great spot for hikers and cyclists in need of refreshment. Leisure and recreation enthusiasts are also welcome to visit the ruins of the neo-Classicist Matzenau mansion. The ruins are surrounded by a small park with hornbeams, plane trees, white beech trees, and spruces. The derelict mansion is still privately owned by the family and not available nor safe to access for possible tours. A serviceable resting area for hikers and cyclists and a fully-equipped playground for children next to the school are also available in the village. Prosenjakovci is very proud if its primary-and-lower-secondary-school folklore group. In the past, the village was home to a flourishing textile weaving trade. Local societies are responsible for organising social events and for preserving local customs as well as handicrafts, trades, and other popular traditions. Two popular events that annually take place in the village are the 'Proseni dan' festival dedicated to dishes made of millet (each August), and the Gathering of the Prosenajkovci Diaspora Community, which is also scheduled to take place in August. A Local Administration Office, a medical aid facility, and the Agricultural Cooperative are located in the village as well. Milan Kučan – the first president of the independent and sovereign state of the Republic of Slovenia spent his childhood in Prosenjakovci.  

GPS Northing (N) : 46,7404 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,3183 
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Administrator : Občina - TIC Moravske Toplice | ++386 2 538 15 20 |
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