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Grgar, Bate, Grgarske Ravne

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The winding road ascending from Nova Gorica up to Banjšice will lead you through the circular valley of Grgar, limited by the steep Skalnica (682 m) and Škabrijel (646 m) on one side and by the foothill of the Banjšice plateau on the other side. The circular valley of Grgar had been first inhabited very far in the past.This is confirmed by old parishes and by the settlement of Gradišče where people sought protection from the Turks, as well as by the onetime castle on Škrlji. This valley has been well known both from the World War I and from the World War II, when Grgar used to be a partisan village of great importance. Grgar, Grgarske Ravne and Bate are three villages which despite their smallness hide a number of natural beauties and cultural sights which are worth to be seen.

The visitor to Grgarske Ravne is invited to see the aqueduct and the water reservoir constructed by Austrian soldiers by order of the Austrian archduchess Mary Ann. During the same period a village laundry was erected. Women washed there their laundry, and while sitting on the stony benches situated near the laundry, they could have a word or two with the other washerwomen. The enclosing circular walls with two towers also date back to those times, when they served as a protection against the attacks of enemy.

During World War I Austrian soldiers also erected there a small open-air shrine containing the statue of Mother Mary. The soldiers used to gather in front of it to assist the divine service. The small shrine was also build by order of the archduchess Mary Ann.

The village inn is the favourite meeting place of the local people, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. The visitor is always welcome to stop there for a refreshment and for a chat with the ever-kind local people.
The road will also lead you through the village of Bate, which is well-known in the near and far surroundings for the Hubjani farm. The farmers on this family-owned farm produce and process milk in a way as natural as possible. There you can taste the delicious home made cheese and other milk products widely known for their top quality.

The centre of the village is the point near the church. The parish church of the Holy Cross is consecrated to the finding of the holy cross, and each year on the Ascension Day a major solemnity is organized there.

Near the church you will find an old soldiers' cemetery which was restored some years ago and which keeps the mortal remains od the Austrian soldiers who died there during World War I. The mortal remains of the Italian soldiers who had also been buried at this cemetery were exhumed and transferred to the Ossuary at Oslavje.


GPS Northing (N) : 46,0321 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6682 
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