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Medvedji rov

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On the left side of Huda luknja Cave, above Prpič overhang, at a height of about 25 m, the wondrous passage of Medvedji rov opens up, unfortunately not accesible to the public. The passage is about 800 m long and unusually spacious; unusually beautiful stalactites and bones from cavedwelling bears are to be found here.

At the bottom of Huda luknja Gorge temperature and moisture are suitable for the growth of alpine plants. In the cracks of the cliffs can be found, among other plants, the yellow wood violet (Viola biflora), the aster (Aster bellidiastrum), the saxifrage (Saxifraga crustata), and the alpine clematis (Clematis alpina).

On higher, inaccessible rock shelves the auricula, or bear`s ear primose (Primula auricula) can be found, while the rocky slopes are covered with moor-grass (Seseleria varia).

A unique botanical specimen is the threeleaved avens (Waldensteinia ternata subsp. trifolia), which thrives at the narrow bottom of Huda luknja Gorge. It is listed in the Red List of threatened vascular plants of Slovenia as a rare species.


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