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A tour of the sunny Vipava Valley, on foot or by bike

The Vipava Valley is an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling. There are many trails both in the valley itself, on pleasant dirt trails and more or less level terrain, as well as on hills, through vineyards and all the way to the Nanos plateau and other, higher plateaus. The trails in the Vipava Valley are suitable for all bicycle lovers, and especially for families with children, since there is little traffic; those on the Nanos plateau, however, are more suitable for experienced cyclists. Due to a favorable climate, hiking and cycling are possible all year round. 

• Accommodation with half-board or lunch/dinner on the following tourist farms: Arkade in Črniče, Na hribu in Slap, Ferjančič in Gradišče near Vipava, Birsa in Brje and Abram on the Nanos plateau, where you can taste delicious local dishes and excellent wines, by previous arrangement.

• Possibility of camping in farm-camp Lijak in Ozeljan near Šempas, where you can also taste excellent Vipava wines.

• You can taste chosen regional dishes on the following excursion farms as well: Pri Lisjaku in Spodnja Branica, Vižintin in Zalošče, Pri Rjavčevih in Šempas, Majerija in Slap pri Vipavi and Slavček in Potok pri Dornberku, by previous arrangement.

• Chosen local dishes and excellent wines are also available at the following osmicas: Ferjančič in Gradišče pri Vipavi, Černigoj in Lokavec near Ajdovščina and Andlovic in Gradišče nad Vipavo, by previous arrangement.

• Excellent regional dishes and wines are also offered at the following restaurants: Gostišče Rustja in Skrilje, Gostilna Žeja in Ozeljan, Pri izviru Hublja in Ajdovščina and Gostilna Pri Lojzetu in the Zemono mansion. 

• There are numerous possibilities for cycling on the colorful and picturesque trails of the Vipava Valley: on the Nanos plateau, among vineyards in the Vipava hills, in the Vipava flatland, in the Vipava hills, between fields and meadows, or to Gora; the trails are suitable both for beginners and for experienced cyclists.

• You can also go hiking or take a walk on one of the numerous marked trails: you can head to Gradiška tura, Babja mrva, among the vineyards of Vrhpolje, take the pilgrims’ Otmar's Hike, or visit Angelska gora (Angel's Mountain).

- Learn about the mysterious natural world on the natural science educational trail at the Hubelj spring, where you can see typical species of trees and shrubs, rock formations, the water ecosystem, forest animals and many other interesting things.
- Discover the secrets of the underground world in the Vipava valley; you can descend into a deep abyss or see one of the many caves, by previous arrangement.
• Take a walk to the Lijak karst spring, flowing from below the precipitous edge of the Trnovo Forest, and visit the nearby natural bridge, offering a wonderful view of Friuli and the lower Vipava Valley; the area surrounding the Lijak stream is protected as a natural monument.

• Visit the town of Vipavski Križ, a unique cultural monument dating back to the 13th century, and its Capuchin Monastery with an impressive collection of old books and Baroque paintings.

• Visit the Church of St. Francis in Vipavski Križ and see the largest Baroque painting in Slovenia - the Glory of the Holy Trinity.

• Visit the town of Vipava and its sights and attractions (the springs of the Vipava River, numerous bridges, castles and Egyptian sarcophagi).

• Visit the 14th century Mediaeval village of Goče, a Slovenian cultural heritage monument.

Culinary-related events:
• Haymaking Festival in Banjščice, end of July
• Peach Festival, end of July/August in Prvačina: during the festival local women prepare many local treats based on peaches and other traditional dishes, and there is also an exhibition of different varieties of peaches




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