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Gostilna Bučar

Šmihel 14 8000 Novo mesto
++386 7 337 53 25
A family inn, it has two separate restaurant rooms, one seating up to 50 guests and the other up to 16 guests. In the summertime, an atrium type garden restaurant is used and is partly covered.
There are parking places available for free.
To our guests we offer lunches, business lunches, student lunches, family lunches, organize different meetings and celebrations. The stress is on local dishes, daily baking of home-made bread, we offer traditional dishes and seafood and we prepare sweets.
The restaurant is open from 7.00 until 23.00. It is closed on Sundays and holidays, except for groups which notify their arrival in advance.
For private parties the restaurant is open until 3.00 a.m.


Número de asientos en el interior : 70 
Número de asientos en el exterior : 50 
GPS Northing (N) : 45,7934 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,1645 
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Administrator : Zavod za turizem Novo mesto | ++386 7 393 92 63 |
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