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Koper (Capodistria), Almerigogna Palace

Koper 6000 Koper
Almerigogna Palace stands in the dense core of medieval Koper. It is squeezed together with the neighbouring houses into a series that surrounds Gortanov trg.

The two-storey palace with irregularly arranged axes originated from the union of two older buildings. Therefore, it has an unusual oblong facade and almost indecipherable storeys of different sizes and at different heights. The second floor is interesting, artistically speaking, with its preserved Gothic window frames and three-leaf endings and wide shelves above the windows. They are connected by a lively decoration on the façade, which is painted with a web of colourful quadrangles. On the ground floor only the entrance Gothic portal has been preserved.

The palace is one of the selected monuments of Koper and Slovenia. The decoratively ornamented main façade is one of a kind in our land. The painting was refurbished in 1969. The decorations are severely faded, except for under the eaves. The house is privately used and is not available for visits. 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,5462 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,7285 
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