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Marina Izola

Organizer (es):
Porting d.o.o
Tomažičeva 4a 6310 Izola
+386 5 662 54 00
+386 5 662 54 06
Marina Izola is located on the western edge of a town with a rich fishing tradition. A large breakwater provides protection for its moorings, and two basins have so far been constructed inside it. Approaching from the sea, the right basin has eight docks for larger vessels and the left has four docks for smaller boats. Altogether, there are 650 offshore moorings for boats from 8 to 35 meters long with drafts up to 4.5 meters, and 50 spaces are available at the docks. Each dock has connections for water and electricity, while telephone and fax are available at the reception office. The marina offers repair and maintenance of vessels, inboard and outboard engines, and electronic equipment as well as the installation and repair of hydraulic equipment and the repair and fabrication of tarpaulins, awnings, etc. A 50-ton mobile lift, a trailer for vessels up to five tons, and a crane for masts are also available. The fuel station operates from April to September, and the marina provides reservoirs for disposing of used oil, bilge water, old paint, batteries, and other wastes as well as a suitable number of garbage bins. In compliance with "Blue Flag" standards, facilities for emptying chemical toilets will be completed in 2000. The marina has several toilet blocks, a laundry, and a marine supplies shop as well as secure private parking for 600 automobiles. An outpatient clinic, pharmacy, and post office are within 350 meters of the marina, and the central hospital is two kilometers away on the hill above Izola. There are convenient connections to the airports in Portorož, Ljubljana, and Trieste.  
Número de canales VHF : 17 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,5329 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,652 
Destino turístico: Istria Slovenia
Lugar: Izola
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Administrator : Turistično združenje Izola g.i.z. | ++386 5 640 10 50 |
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