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The cave of King Matjaž

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Peca (2126 m) is in the northern chain of the Eastern Karavanke and is the most extensive limestone mountain in the Meža valley. It is shaped like a high plateau, from which higher peaks project; the highest of them is Kordeževa glava (2126 m). The mountain separates Podjuna from the Meža valley; and the border with Austria passes over it. There has been a mountain hostel on Mala Peca since 1928 (1665m), and by it, a chapel to Ciril and Methodius. In direct vicinity of the mountain hostel is the cave of King Matjaž. There is also a partially man-made gallery with a cavity in which there is a statue of the legendary King Matjaž. The cave is a well known historical monument. 

TIC Park kralja Matjaža 
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Črna na Koroškem 
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GPS N: 46,4865
E: 14,7923
Regione: Koroška
Lugar: Mežica

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