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Manor Novo Celje

Novo Celje 3310 Žalec
Novo Celje Manor was built on the plain between Žalec and  Petrovče according to the Schönbrunn model in the years 1754-1760. Anton Gaisruck had it constructed. The building has a ground floor, a noble floor and two mezzanines. The palace, with its rectangular floor plan, has a thirteen axis main frontage, a richly arranged Baroque façade with the entry portal in the projection, which includes three central axis. At the sides of the portal are two restored sculptures of Hercules and Antei (or Samson) by the sculptor Veit Koeniger. The gable is decorated by a large coat-of-arms of the Gaisrucks. A path leads to the manor in the axis of the gate along a long promenade.

The interior with a wide gate hall, double staircase, and a chapel painted with Mary's Cycle (Anton Lerchinger), found on the ground floor; is symmetrically designed and richly fitted in Baroque style. The upper floor has a representational hall with stuccowork and oil paintings by J. Vincenz Lederwasch and a series of spaces to its left and right. The statues of the Muses by Koeniger from the staircase are in the National Museum (Narodni muzej) in Ljubljana, and part of the interior fittings is kept by the City Museum (Mestni muzej) in Ljubljana.

The former arrangement of the garden in late Baroque was shaped by the axially planned access path with a double promenade of trees. That led to the large crucifix by the road on the north to the manor and on the south side it continued all the way to the Savinja and by it to the garden parterre which spreads far to the west. It was comprised by symmetrically arranged  sections, which were richly ornamented next to the manor, while those which were more distant from the manor were simpler. In the time of Classicism the line was closed by Apollo's temple. In the 19th century a garden section with densely planted trees, diverse shrubbery and flowers was planted on the east. The garden areas have been partly ruined by construction.


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Novo Celje

Lugar: Novo Celje
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