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Lipica Stud Farm

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Centro de información turística:Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica 5, Sežana
+386 5 7391 580

Centro de información turística 1:TIC Sežana
Partizanska cesta 63
+385 5 7310 128
Número de habitantes
in the countryside
Clima saludable
The Karst. Stony countryside with common grasslands and scrub, an unusual but wonderful landscape covered with pine forests and vineyards. Here is a real pearl of this beauty - the Lipica Stud Farm with its white horses. Founded in the year 1580, it belongs among the oldest stud farms in the world and is a unique cultural monument not only for Slovenes, but also for Europeans and people around the world. It is home to about 400 Lipizzaner horses. These noble horses show all their beauty in motion: their grace lies in the harmony of their movements. Their imposing bearing and unique stride have made them famous worldwide. Visitors to Lipica can explore and admire the unusual countryside and its wonders and enjoy the real life of the stud farm that reflects, in every moment, the centuries of tradition of horse breeding. The Lipica Stud Farm for guided tours, training sessions and performances of classical riding school, riding courses or nostalgic carriage drive. Performances are from April to the end of October. Hotel Maestoso, named after a prominent line of lipizzan stallions, offers a comfortable and pleasant stay for all who desire to lose themselves in the tranquility of the Karst Landscape. The restaurant Maestoso will entice you with the tempting scent of homemade Karst culinary delights which go well with superior wine. Part of the Lipica estate is aldo a golf course with 9 holes and a practice facility, opened throughout the year. Lipica and its surroundings offer also many footpaths and bicycle trails. More information on: www.lipica.org 

Transporte de automotores : yes, parkplace available 
Transporte de ferrocarriles : no, nearest train station in Sežana (5 km) 
Transporte de autobús : no, nearest bus station in Sežana (5 km) 
Transporte aéreo : no, neares airport Ronchi dei Legionari (Italy), about 50 km from Lipica 
Transporte de helicópteros : no 
Transporte acuático : no 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,667 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,8831 
Administrator : Kobilarna Lipica | ++386 5 739 17 63 | | last modified: 13.02.2014
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GPS N: 45,667
E: 13,8831
Destino turístico: Karst

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