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Número de habitantes
177 m
Altura sobre nivel del mar
beside a river
in the countryside
Characteristic of Ižakovci are ferrying and fishing.
Since 1992 there has been the reviving of the 'büjranje' or the regulation of the Mura river in a natural way, respectful to the river, so that the littoral enviroment could be carefully preserved. Ižakovci is especially famous for its Isle of Love, the setting of several local legends. It is also the setting of the annual 'büjraški dnevi', attracting those who love the unspoilt nature along the Mura river.
The floating mill on the Mura is intended to uphold the tradition of millinig, which used to be characteristic of the villages along the Mura.
The chapel of Ižakovci was built in 1906, and is dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy.

GPS Northing (N) : 46,5859 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,2172 
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