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Open kitchen - food market

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Fecha de inicio : 20.3.2014 
Fecha de finalización : 31.10.2014 
Espacios : Pogačarjev square, Ljubljana 
The Open Kitchen is a food market where you can experience the delights of freshly cooked food prepared by different Slovenian chefs right there in front of you, on the market stalls.

On Fridays from mid-March to October, the Open Kitchen offers you an opportunity to meet Slovenian chefs, taste Slovenian and international dishes, and learn about different methods of food preparation.

The choice of food on offer is wide and varied. Each Friday, the market features around thirty different food providers, including modern restaurants, traditional gostilnas, tourist farms, and independent chefs wanting to promote their offerings. The cooking is done to the accompaniment of music and entertainment.

In case of bad weather, the market may be cancelled. 
Administrator : SPIRIT Slovenija** | | last modified: 20.03.2014

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