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Most na Soči, Most na Soči Archaeological Finds

Most na Soči
The Archaeological Finds called Sv. Lucija (St. Lucia) include the Hallstatt and Roman settlement on terraces under St. Maver on the ledge above the right bank of the Idrijca, before its outflow into the Soča in Most na Soči, and a large burial ground with more than 7000 graves on the other bank of the Idrijca. The oldest finds are from the period of 1300 BC, and the newest from the 5th century.

A great rarity are the preserved Hallstatt houses with rectangular floor plans, having stone foundations and wooden upper construction. Large houses were divided into several residential rooms. The Roman settlement is documented by the uncovered built construction, heated with warm air (hypocaust).

A large necropolis of St. Lucia culture, from older Hallstatt, with characteristic urn burials, obligatorily under a stone plaque, is situated on the gentle slopes of Crkovnica. Individual finds confirm the continuing settlement of Most na Soči in the Pre-Roman Iron Age (Celtic coins etc). Among the Hallstatt material, the imported Greek vessels stand out, probably brought from the Apennine peninsula. St. Lucia is the name of a special culture, because with its wealth of finds, for example situlas and fibulas, which have been called svetolucijske (of the St. Lucia culture), it rates among the most important centres of Hallstatt culture in the eastern Alps.


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