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TIC Bloke
Nova vas 46, Nova vas
+386 (0)31 326 158
730 m
Altura sobre nivel del mar
in the countryside
Bloke is a karst plateau, its south part consists of limestone and to the north of Bloke is a dolomite plateau, which rises from 700 to 800 m above the sea. There is 45 larger and smaller settlements on the Bloke Plateau where about 1,800 inhabitants live. There are distinctly local species and numerous plants found only here. These are interesting for biologists and can be found mainly near meandering parts of the Bloščica stream.
Bloke and its surroundings have numerous historical, archaeological, ethnographic and geographic distinctions. In Tlake near the village Metulje (Metle) was supposedly situated Metullum, the centre of Japodi, and according to J. W. Valvasor Bloke was the original homeland of renewed Bloke skis. In the village Benete located by the road in the direction towards Ribnica there is a well-preserved remnant of the large Roman prison wall (Claustra Alpium Juliarum). Nadlišek and Pajkovo Castles, both from the Middle Ages were mentioned in Slovenian history several times. Even more famous in Slovenia is the literary character Martin Krpan, who came from the former Fajgel farm under sv. Urh near the village of Sv. Trojica (the Holy Trinity), according to the folk tradition. Nevertheless, the Bloke Plateau is certainly most famous for its skiing which was described in detail by J. W. Valvasor whose document is considered the oldest written record about skiing in the world.


GPS Northing (N) : 45,7727 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,5064 
Destino turístico: Karst
Lugar: Bloke
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